What Is The Watch Of Tomorrow?

Is the mechanical watch replaced by the Smartwatch? Even if Apple Watch and Co. take photos and steps and you can communicate as Michael Knight with KITT with it, a mechanical clock simply stands for itself. The following post is a declaration of love to the mechanical clock.

At the same time, ebizdir introduces models of the Swiss brands TAG Heuer and Frederique Constant, which can be understood as a hybrid response to purely digital smartwatches.

Mechanical Watches And Love For The Timeless

If you will, it is almost anachronistic that the most ancient clocks on the market are the highest prices. Since the balance oscillates at 3-5 hertz instead of the 800 megahertz of a Smartwatch, mechanical watches are much less accurate and have to be adjusted manually every couple of weeks regardless of the wearing habits. But the running behavior of the watch is not what makes a watch lover wear a mechanical timepiece: it is the subjective feeling of a valuable item, a daily tool that has been based on the same functional principle for centuries. If you wear a mechanical watch, you carry with it the heritage of great brands and a contemporary artifact. Finally, the development of the mechanical watch is not to be considered closed, but at the same time has caused far-reaching social changes. It changed not only the social cohabitation and the daily planning, for the division into individual sections was now no longer exclusively the sun decisive. Shipbuilding and the discovery of other continents have also been decisively advanced by the development of chronometers.

Connected And Horological Smartwatch As A Counter Design

In response to the Smartwatch with battery operation and digital display, efforts are also being made by the watchmakers. The design is mostly based on a hybrid solution that combines the feeling of a verifiable Swiss quality watch with the typical functions familiar to modern smartwatches.An early concept of a hybrid Smartwatch with analogue display, stainless steel case and sapphire glass was presented by Frederique Constant with the Horological Smartwatch. Especially in response to the Apple Smartwatch, TAG Heuer also presented a counter design with the Connected some time ago. In the foreground is the compatibility with other devices. In the case of the Tag Heuer Connected is simultaneously created an incentive for an “upgrade” for a mechanical. Thus, as the owner of the hybrid Smartwatch, you only have to pay the difference amount if you buy a mechanical TAG Heuer.

An Old Idea Re-Taken

If you look back a few years, you realize that the idea of ​​a Smartwatch does not exist only since Samsung, Apple and Co. Already 10 years ago, Microsoft had offered a computer clock, which was only briefly on the market. Strictly speaking, Casio models from the 80s and 90s can also be described as the forerunners of today’s smartwatch. Instead of the computer, mobile phone or iPad, the clocks from then were connected to the TV. Additional functions such as heart rate monitors or altimeters are anything but new.

The battery-operated Tissot T-Touch combines a multitude of additional functions and can thus be interpreted as an earlier attempt at a smart watch in the area of ​​the luxury segment that is similar to the train. The model has now been successfully on the market for many years and can be found even in our list of the 20 most popular watch models worldwide .Even after over a year, the Apple Watch is now on the market, can not predict whether it is a short-term phenomenon or a sustainable gamechanger in the area of ​​the watch industry. Not least with the advent of battery-operated clocks during the quartz crises referred to in clock circuits, however, mechanical time knives have already stood the test of many a trend and have always remained what they are: timeless beauties.