Which skirt suits your figure type?

Summertime is rock time! Just recently I have after weeks of searching found my ideal summer skirt. Especially the cutting of rock must be about my figure type fit. And then, of course, should also agree colors, patterns and fabric quality. This is not so easy. Do you know which bring skirts your figure to best advantage? And what you should avoid as far as possible?

I once made ​​me the complex issue and brought to the simplest possible denominator for you.Today I introduce you to the basic principles of rock styles. And on what you can make, so the skirt your figure type flatters. Good luck with the tips!

between the federal government, the hem and the lines: The basic cut of a skirt

If you deal with rock cuts and silhouettes that arise therefrom, even closer, you will notice that it is in principle to the following question:

Where and how begins the rock, where does it end and what happens between them, so that he receives his custom hem?

The silhouette of a skirt formed by the rock at various points builds different volume. The section is responsible for the fact as this volume is generated and which lines it creates. Both – volume and lines – are important elements that make a skirt for a particular character type look advantageous.

So you need to think about exactly where you want to add to your body more volume and why first. Then check, at which point you need horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to flatter your figure type and your vertical proportions. The combination of two considerations will lead you directly to your optimum skirt or the best rock styles for your figure.

The following section details help you with your individual assessment.

The Federation of Rocks: height and texture make figure.

On what level sits the Bund?

This question is for its vertical proportions crucial.

  • If you have a rathershort torso have, the waistband should sit as low as possible or hüftig.
  • If you have along torso have, the waistband should sit as high as possible. It is even possible to increase the waistband on the natural waist.

However, you can cheat a little. Because as soon as you wear the bonnet over the waistband, the height of the rock Federal is no longer so decisive. Then the Hemline the upper part takes over the vertical proportions. In this case, however, you should make sure that the waistband is made as flat as possible (see below).

Insert the upper part, however, in the waistband, that the amount and nature of this covenant for you is an important interface element.

Typical rock silhouettes: From left to right, the volume of waist, hips and hem increases.

How is the federal government worked?

A waistband may be cut or scheduled. And then there is also a broad shaped waistband or a hip yoke.

With a snappy collar rock path extends without interruption up to the top edge of the Rocks. The skirt is adapted by dart upwards in hip Waist Line. Such cuts have no horizontal interruption or other accents in the waist area and cut there not unfavorably on (if you choose the right waist).

  • Skirts with cut collar are for all women who want to accentuate their waist rather less advantageous.

I am thinking for example of the O-type who does not want to additionally emphasize his abdominal region or the Y-type which might prefer to sit deeper in the horizontal accent outfit.

In an attached collar, a double-layered, separate strips of fabric is sewn on top of the rock, and ensures the maintenance in the waist.

  • A being set Rockbund always uses two horizontal lines in the hip or waist zone, accentuating them.

This is for the X-Type very beneficial, but also can be used for the H-type help to make these acts curvier – if the rock rather more hem has (see below).

This collar may have a different width.

  • The wider the scheduled Bund, the more emphasis is placed on the waist. And the more these waist is visually shortened.

The amount recognized Rockbund thus acts as well as a narrower or wider belt.

An intermediate solution is the broad shaped waistband or hip yoke. This is recognized also by means of a two-ply fabric strip processed above. The form collar or the hip yoke is very wide and shaped so that it reflects with the waist-hip curve, so you figure hugging follows.

  • The form of covenant has three advantages: it is the abdominal zone reinforcement, does not cut at the waist and is all around nice and flat in the waist hip zone.

This is especially for women with abdominal advantageous. The A-type figure should, however, ensure that not another obvious horizontal accent is put on the widening of the waist-hip area by a hip yoke. The form collar or the hip yoke should remain relatively narrow – as well as the further course of the Rocks downwards.

As the waistband is closed?

Also important is the way how the waistband is closed. A rock can be the center back, side or front center closed. There are special forms, as the wrap-around front is somewhat closed laterally. And there are also skirts without collar, are complied with an elastic or drawstring – both with a strong ripple in the waist area.

Important: Where the rock is closed, is always a bit more volume – either by the overlapping of layers of material, by a button or a button panel, by a hook or by a zipper. Sometimes even belt loops complement the waistband and provide even more volume at this point. Most all-volume provide elastic or drawstring.

  • The basic principle is: Place the closure of a skirt or elastic band and never in a zone in which you want to have no additional volume!

The fabric width of the skirt makes you slim or carries on – depending on how it is produced.

How is the fabric on the waistband recognized?

Now it’s getting exciting. Because underneath the skirt Federal can rock either much volume, moderate volume or no volume build. That depends on how the substance is recognized at the waistband.

With a snappy collar skirt extends downwardly further flat, but can vary depending on darts and shape of the panels down to the hem toward either or narrower accommodate different volumes.The most important thing is:

  • With truncated Rockbund remain skirts in waist-hip zone usually very figure hugging and there is no or hardly any volume.

This is good for the A-type, but especially for the O type. And also for the X-type, it is always a good option if the material in this zone the natural curves follows.

A wide waistband accentuates the waist, three pleats waistband ensure at the hip for a lot of volume – good to accentuate curves or create.

On the next covenant of substance can be fitted quite different: flat, bayed, placed in different folds, partially draped or pleated.

  • The more volume of material is attached to the next federal government, the more distance is created in waist hip area and the more carries the rock there on.

You should take a closer look, exactly where and how the additional volume of the skirt is formed. Based the entire width of the skirt on the queued or pleated fabric panels on the collar, the result is there, in the waist-hip, a very large volume. This contributes to and is therefore suitable for all women poison that want to keep the waist hip rather narrow or inconspicuous. Women with O-figure and A-Figure know what I mean.

  • However, this volume effect at the waistband can also be used in order to emphasize feminine curves or to produce them only.

This in turn would like to hear X-type and H-type.

Evolves waistband only a small proportion of the later rock volume, because later in the rock tracks are wider and thus produce the hem, the skirt wears less on the hips. This silhouette is therefore very harmonious sustainable for quite a few different types of figures.

Finally, there is also an intermediate solution: The fact that the material only at a certain point forward at waist pleated and thus an oblique drapery arises.

  • Such oblique Drapery effects are often found in wrap-around skirts and have two different effects: In women with small tummies distract from the unwanted curves from, among women who would like to have more curves, add just this. Try it again!

If the federal government much fabric width is mounted, is yet another criterion with critical how much the rock in the waist-hip region applying: the fabric quality.

  • he wears, the thinner and more flexible the material, the less to the federal government, if it is to be bayed or pleated.
  • The thicker and stiffer the material, the more reinforce the above-mentioned volume effects at the waist and hips.

What is the hem of the skirt?

Skirts can be incredibly tight and incredibly far – and everything in between. From bayed Tellerrock to super-sexy pencil skirt, anything is possible. It can be bayed at the waistband, a full skirt waistband quite flat and very tight skirt. Through the different volume history between the federal and hem formed the different rock silhouettes.

The different rock silhouettes formed by the material volume that either only increases the hem toward or already created hem – or both. From left to right: pencil skirt, straight wrap skirt, A-line skirt, flared skirt, full skirt.

The following examples illustrate this:

  • If the substance is placed on the collar in wrinkles, thus adhered further and hem back over the hips, then creates a balloon or tulip silhouette.
  • If the substance is on the collar set flat, but the hem very far and takes the skirt down fairly evenly volume, then it could be a full skirt or A-line skirt.
  • If the substance is on the collar flat, a slim on the hips and are used only below the waist or in the seam zone more panels which lend it more hem, the skirt is replaced by a trumpet shape – is a Godet- or gored skirt.
  • If the substance is classified only on the collar or pleated skirt and the railways otherwise quite straight cut, then create several types of further cut skirt forms a cylindrical or slight A-line silhouette.
  • Is the skirt waistband flat and straight or tapered narrower the further course down, created the narrow, straight skirt or pencil skirt.

A special form of this is the rock in which the pleats are sewn up at waist level or only begin there. Here, too, there are many variants. A figures should here Avoid pleated skirts whose pleats are sewn to the waist and then jump only. One of the most beneficial skirts contrast, is a flat waistband being set, straight skirt, the front only has a pleat that easily pops open slightly above the step height. This acts as a slight A-line skirt – with the advantage that a little tummy and strong thighs less noticeable.

In addition, the following principles apply:

  • The narrower the hem, the more the emphasis is on the leg shape.

After appearing the stronger thighs, calves and restraints compared to the hem. Where the hem ends, the width of the body region is particularly accentuated.

  • Running is rock silhouette to the knees toward narrower, is what is it – especially thighs and hips -, comparatively wider perceived.

This is disadvantageous for the A-type, but can be used for the O-type flattering (when the band mold is true, see above). The curves of the X character are highlighted so wonderful.

  • The further the hem, the narrower and more delicate appearing legs that protrude below.

The best means for large calves and knees stronger is this: a slightly wider hem.

  • The further the hem, the narrower affects the waist.

Will an X-figure her curves and her narrow waist accentuate even more, then a full skirt is adapted. If a woman wants to show with H-figure more waist, she wears a flared skirt – and to the closest possible shell – and it has a waist-hip curve, where no was before.

  • the skirt length developed deeper on the body itself, the longer and narrower affects the upper body.

If the seam widens fortiori deep to its full extent, as is the case with many web skirts or Godet skirts, then everything is over, narrower and longer perceived. This is particularly advantageous for the Y-type – if the volume control is not already done more to his strong shoulders above other design details. But an X character with a short upper body benefits from this silhouette that stretched their midst without hiding the curves. Think. For example, the typical mermaid silhouette with gowns that looks great when X-Type

  • Is the skirt straight and narrow cut, then accentuates the length of the lower body and makes in doubt slimmer.

So a straight cut skirt can accentuate the slender legs and narrow hips of O-type as well as that of the Y- or H-type. The latter two types of figures, however, should be careful to balance your proportional shifts elsewhere something.

A straight skirt has a slimmed effect of so many unwanted straightened curve on many body types. This effect is even further enhanced when the skirt has a front winding effect, or a slot, and thus the front face of the skirt is further divided vertically.