White Shirt, the Basic/Classic/Current Item

When we think of a basic, classic piece that almost every woman has, it is impossible for us not to see our white shirt. It is a simple item for both its modeling and coloring; however, it is possible to compose numerous super stylish looks with this classic piece. The white shirt has been gaining prominence for a while, appearing very often in the makeup of many girls’ looks. Because? Well, the piece has so many qualities that it’s impossible not to surrender to it. The white shirt – preferably the long sleeve shirt – can walk through the most diverse environments, being able to assemble a production for the office , classic and formal, in the same way that can be inserted in a modern and cool look . What’s more, it is able to occupy a supporting place in its production or to be the main part of it.

Tips on how to put on a white shirt look from the breathtakingdresses:

1- In summer, it is possible to use it as a single piece – if the length allows. Then, roll up the sleeves, put on a shoe, a boot, or even a sneaker and your look is ready. And better, worthy of a fashionista. If you want to increase the look, put a thin belt around the waist and the result is a girlie look.

2- Use and abuse the white shirt with shorts. The tip is to put it inside the piece or even knot, this way you can leave it at any time you want. This tip is worth for pants and skirts too!

3- The duo jeans and white shirt is one of my favorites, especially when modeling the pants is high waist, boyfriend or mom jeans. Bet on a scarpin to give an UP in your look.

4- For the cooler days, bet on the piece under a sweater or even sweatshirt. The tip is to leave the collar out as well as the bottom of the shirt.

5 – Bet the accessories to increase your look. A maxi collar wrapping the collar, a fun clutch or a statement statement will make a difference and give the tone of your production.

6- To build a bolder look – and if the environment allows – invest in lacy bras/tops and unbutton the shirt until a small part of the income is shown.