Wholesale Bras for Christmas

A few weeks after arriving Christmas, it is no wonder that most We’re already thinking of every detail to make these festivities, such as Christmas Eve dinner or New Year ‘s Eve, meals Christmas and New Year , the clothes we will be in each of the parties, meals and holiday parties business or the gifts to all our family and our loved ones .

And within this section, the gifts, we include ourselves to ourselves. One of the best proposals we have is to buy a set of lingerie thin and sexy with which surprise the couple the upcoming Christmas. Because we know that these types of gifts they love them. Our proposals are brand La Perla, take note of the wholesale lingerie!


As the color par excellence of Christmas is red, there is nothing like bet on this color also for our lingerie. In this case, we can go for a sexy and suggestive set of red passion composed of ‘thong’ corset and garter belt. Surely our partner melts when she sees us. There is also nightgowns super feminine, lace and transparencies. Come on , what are you waiting?

But not all sets of thin and sexy lingerie Christmas should be red. We can also go for a nice and sexy set consisting of a bra with black lace or tulle . In this case, the bottom of the assembly is comprised of a ‘panties’ whose back is transparent, while the front is equal to lace bra. If you want you can include a garter belt, one of the most sexy and suggestive touches to spark passion this holiday season. La Perla proposes sets with an extra lace and transparencies.


Closing the podium sexy lingerie sets ahead of the holiday season, we bet for a classic consists of a corset, which may include a matching thong and adjustable garters to remove it at any time in the easiest way. La Perla offers us this super flattering rosita set, we are sure that if you want to surprise him with any of these suggestions it will be done!