Why Do Blue Boots Fit? Ideas For Combining!

Combine blue boots: This is now the leading role in the outfits we introduce to you. Elegantly elegant, sometimes rustic, sometimes sporty- but always: blue. Just come with us to the Deerberg film set and look at the shooting!

Why Do Blue Boots Fit Ideas For Combining

Blue boots are not the same blue boots, that already in advance. They are available in tens of different shades of blue, from Graublau, over washed blue jeans, bright sky blue, rich royal blue to dark night blue. And as varied as the selection of blue is, so different are also the boots cut and their heels shaped. The decision is difficult.

Blue Boots Combine For The Office Appearance

Main roller: long suede boots in dark
blue Additional rollers: gray skirt and cardigan in blue

Too high dark blue suede leather boots fit prima gray leggings, like thicker and / or patterned models, for example geringelte or those in the typical Norwegian knitwear. For this, skirts, wrinkles, skirts, bells and coats look quite nice, which may also be quite short. The shorter the skirt, the brighter the outfit. The skirt can be tone in tone with the leggings or darker. It is nice to pick up the blue of the boots in the upper part – without trying to steal the show, for example, with a combination of a gray shirt and a navy blue cardigan. Or choose basics as shades of gray and use another accessory (scarf, cloth, cap or bag) to add another blue color.

A Trip Into The Blue

Main roll: long blue leather
boots secondary rolls: brown chino and karobluse

High, blue leather boots sit especially well when you are laced front or back, according to iamhigher. This is especially an advantage in calves that do not belong to the category “normal”. To these boots fits a sporty-casual outfit in warm brown tones very well. For example, a chino pants made of cotton or fine cord. A flannel blouse in blue and a small waisted blazer. Try it!

Like The Blue Sky

Main roller: dark blue boots with block
heel Side pulleys: jeans, sweaters

Very nice boots are not so high boots or blue ankle boots. The new Boyfriend jeans fit very well. So that the blue shoes continue to notice a discreet upper part. The best is a cuddly gray sweater.

You need blue shoes or can not get enough of this color? Then go directly to the shop, where you can meet our blue boots in all variants live.