Why Practice Yoga At Home? -5 Reasons

During my early years of practice, resist the idea of practicing yoga at home, I’d like (I like a lot) of energy shares in the classroom, the more peaceful state that automatically breaks into once I walk in the room, like being patronized and listen to someone telling me what to do. It’s very comforting to think that the only responsibility is to do what the teacher is “sending”.

Been a while, until I felt inspired to practice alone at home …

My course of Yoga in India, was a multi-style course, however, we used every day in Ashtanga and Vinyasa in the morning (first series mysore style) and Vinyasa Flow in the aparentingblog, where the imagination with alignment and the family of the postures is the most important.

Gradually, after completed my training, I was becoming more aware of my body and sometimes felt clearly that he wasn’t prepared to face a vigorous series of Ashtanga Yoga daily.

So, I began to listen to what my body needed that was different every day and I was doing my practice at home, from which he was quick to change to go to yoga class for – the teacher sending me into the postures-to what I feel when I go to class,-deep inspiration and independence in practice-

Here 5 reasons to practice yoga at home:

1. This is an opportunity to begin to listen to her own body

When in class you follow the sequence that the teacher has prepared, although it was clearly planned, does not mean that is specially designed for specifically how you’re feeling that day.

2. Is the best way to connect your breathing with your own inner rhythm

Many times when the teacher say “Follow your breath, follow your own pace”, it’s hard not to finish the pace of others or even by the words of the professor.

3. Help to face fears

Always have postures we dislike (hate) that, when we start practicing at home, gradually face the fears these postures, means a transformative change on a deep level.

4. Breeds creativity

When you start to move freely, have to prepare that come after, but as time went on, the transitions between each posture are getting looser and of course your knowledge about the correct postures, Union increases.

5. Remind yourself of the Guru inside you.

Of each teacher, each class-mate can learn something. But at the same time, personal practice, reminds me of the eternal wisdom present within me.

Personal yoga practice and practice guided by the teacher are closely linked, are self-sufficient and a evolves to another. One of the pillars of yoga is the discipline in practice and this Union two variants + meditation leads you to the path of yoga.

As Patanjali Yoga Sutras us says:

“Pranidanah kriya yogah isvara svādhyāya Tapas” -Self discipline, self study and devotion are yoga in the form of action-

If you want to know more about the various types of yoga exist, we create a number types of Yoga, which is best for you? to help you quickly understand what proposes every style of yoga. Check out what’s cool, we publish weekly a new style and exhibit the level of difficulty of each type of yoga, spirituality, etc..