Winter Shoes Should Be Stored Correctly-You Should Pay Attention

Much you do not have to know. A lot of time or money is also not necessary. And yet, many people are relatively carefree with the shoes, just when the warmer season begins. Boots have been worn out for the time being. There is generally a deficiency in the handling of shoes, which significantly lengthens the “life”.

One also benefits from the beginning in a more cultivated appearance, since the observance of the points is recognizable for the free eye. Even if unconsciously, the viewer watches in seconds, as the wearer with shoe care holds.

It is not difficult. Most of the shoes can be arranged according to the seasons, only rarely do shoes offer all-year wear. The examination of the correct storage is also worthwhile for the production of the space and serves the order in the shoe box, the cloakroom or other obsolete places for storage.

Even the best winter shoe is in danger with season opening of sneakers & Co. The probability of being exposed in the cellar to a “mooring process” or being pressed carelessly into boxes can be the death sentence for the best friend of the foot.

Startshot For The Spring Cure: Sun, Vitamins, Fresh Air Also For The Boots!

It is best to go outside for the final procedure and equip yourself with some insider knowledge and tools. The handicraft muffle is assured: typical shoe cleaning utensils are sufficient and the required force effort is only minimal.

A different treatment due to the materials is scarcely necessary: ​​in the winter, textile shoes are more likely to be eliminated, and also today’s high-quality alternatives to genuine leather are characterized by the simplest care instructions. The individual steps for ideal results can therefore be confidently assessed as a guideline with general expressive power.


Only with brush strokes, adhering soiling can be seriously removed.As a result of this preparatory action, the necessary work would not be reduced but rather strengthened. The specific brush type is not relevant here – as long as you do not use wire brushes, you can not commit any mistakes.

However, today there is a broad repertoire of brushes, whereby often only secondary aspects relevant to decision making-such as price, renouncement of animal parts or recourse to dirtbrush already present in households. Those who specifically advertise certain species here should substantiate their preference objectively.

In this process, a glance at the sole is also important: small stones or similar must be removed during this operation. Dried chewing gums can mutate into the force sample, but should still be removed.

Pikanterie on the brink: The UK starts at the beginning of 2015 on a tax for chewing gums, which in addition to a penalty for spitting out at least the streets protect against these unwelcome challenges.Whether this “plague” is so insulated is controversial. Tip: Scratching with an ice cube should be the simplest solution.

The Actual Cleaning With Lye

Depending on the size of the rinse, a high-quality material is recommended for a ratio of 1: 1 to water. However, there is nothing to be said against mere soap liquor. With this solution and a sponge, any contamination can be targeted.

It may also be the so-called “dishwashing sponge”, only the purity is important. Food residues such as fat should not be distributed to the footwear, for this purpose, other polishes are somewhat better.

Drying: “2 In 1 Effect”

The drying as such is not only necessary in order to prevent later smelling odors or to enable the nourishing ingredients to be incorporated subsequently. It also forms the foundation for the later fit and the external impression!

A comparison with a person’s hairiness should show the importance: Just as the wet hair is soaked or laid, the look is also imprinted in the dried state. The shoe or boot should be tensioned in this step in a shoe tensioner or other shaping utensil. Whoever has no experience on this subject or underestimates the importance should use a few minutes to inform himself. The purchase costs are worth the effect!


At this point, the materials should receive their “own” creams or paste, oil or care product. Recommendations are obtained almost automatically when you buy the shoes, unless you have been in the discounter.

But a look at the specialist trade leaves the choice-here one does not have to pay attention to every cent, because the use usually gives long-term use, especially if one meets different materials. For application, special cloths are just as well a worn-out cloth – the main thing is, soft and clean. Differences in these utensils tend to have their own comfort rather than effects on the shoe or boot.

Color-coordinated pomades, however, cover small traces of use and let the results appear in a new light. The classic “black”, “colorless” and a brighter beige tone are, so to speak, standard. The applied layer should be allowed to feed 5-10 minutes.

The odors quickly dissipate in the fresh air, although these are already felt to be pleasant anyway. On the proper care with shoe cream, I have, incidentally, in my contribution Lederschuhe cultivate-so it’s already a few words lost.

Polishing The Shoes

A simple operation: vibrating movements with the brush, not too tight, in combination with the polish, ensure a new luster and resistance to environmental influences.

Grow-What For?

The pragmatist is skeptical about this step: to what extent does wax still apply? Does the surface still contain more essences? The work seems to have been completed.

It is like the car – first a layer of wax “preserves” the effect, in terms of care and appearance alike. A thin layer is sufficient. Just need the feeding slightly longer than the cream. Half an hour should be devoted to the matter. In the meantime, the forces can be refilled for the final polishing process: as a result, the high-gloss polish is used as in a car.

The Shoe Tensioner

Now the folgemonates can no longer affect the shoe, provided that a shoe rack is used to prevent deformation. In boots, the shaft is protected from unpleasant deformations which are otherwise as safe as the Amen in prayer.

The Perfect Shining Shoe: What Now?

The solution is called “shoe bags” -the bags, which are not yet well-known, are the ideal solution and promise a safe storage without friction, dust or other factors.

Only one shoe may be used per bag. For the Sparmeister: if you want to take too many shoes and do not have enough shoe bags, try to “improvise”. Similar materials as throw-on or capped shoes are better than complete lack of protection.

Tip: Closed shoeboxes are no longer considered as useful. In these mobilies, there is no or very weak air circulation. Open shelves or telescopic shoes are the modern solution.