Winter trends 2014-The Roll Collar

Already for several seasons, everything that the Paris label Céline touches to gold. Bags in trapezoidal form, lifting suits and slippers-the designs of design boss Phoebe Philo reach cult status within a very short time.

So it is no surprise that she also succeeded in making the slightly dusty roll-neck sweater to the it-piece of winter.

When she then took a look at one of her Oversize models-the roll collar seemed negligently pulled over her head, the hair in the fashionable “tuck in” look put into the roll collar-the hype knew no more limits. Time to devote itself to the roll-neck sweater and its styling possibilities in more detail!

Roll Collar-Stylish Companion Not Only On Cold Days

First and foremost, the roll collar is characterized by its warming effect – on cold days, the neck is well protected, without the need for a scarf.However, the style factor is much more interesting according to Recipesinthebox. From tight-fitting to the casual Oversize fit, from low-key gray to autumnal-wintery Bordeaux, from cozy chunky-knit look to party-like glitter look, a roll-neck sweater lets us slip into quite different roles, styles and moods.

An Androgyn Cool Look With Roll Neck

The roll-neck sweater was the signature piece of Steve Jobs and also writers, philosophers and intellectuals often wore themselves in the roll-collar horn-gown uniform. The garment gives and so an androgynous touch and says: I am smart and creative. A casual Oversize roll-neck sweater does not achieve this effect as well as a slightly narrower cut model made of high-quality cashmere or classic, light cotton and in muted gray, black or cool Navy. The turtleneck sweater is combined with a lifting case for an additional masculine touch. Sporty sneakers like the adidas Stan Smith complete the outfit. Not only in winter, but also on autumn and spring days depending on the material of the sweater. Alternative: If this look is too classic, pull a poncho over your outfit-so you have conjured up a Boho-dressed outfit in hand rotation and the slim roll collar as well as the tight-fitting sleeves that flash under the coarse poncho result in a great contrast.

The Signature Look Of The Winter: Chunky-Knit And Roll-Neck

In the really cold months, we just want to wrap ourselves in chubby woolen sweaters-and since the roll collar has become salonable again, we can not get enough of it and even increase the feel-good effect of our Oversize-Pullovers. The turtleneck sweater is casually and intentionally pulled “over the head” and the hair easily put in the collar-for the already mentioned Phoebe Philo “Tuck in” effect. A black tube jeans or leather pants, a biker bootee and a cool egg-shawl coat, which does not feel too tight in spite of the Oversize pullovers.Alternative: You prefer a more elegant, feminine look? Wear your Oversize roll-neck sweater as a woolen dress, with black half-transparent pantyhose and chic boots with high shaft. Since the roll neck sweater has been brought back into the Olympus of the It-pieces by newer collections of relevant models, our combination pleasure knows no bounds this winter: from the classic androgyne look to the casual well-being outfit, the roll-neck sweater keeps all options ready for us!