With Car Play Apple Introduces the iPhone in the Car

The iPhone is mobile with car play. Car play, the new Apple system for the car, premiere in the vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ferrari celebrates these days. With car play, iPhone users in the car via voice command or with a touch can call someone through cell phone, listen to music, access to messages or use card services.

At the Geneva Auto show, which opens this weekend, the first cars be equipped with vehicle models from Volvo, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz, with car play by Apple. Already last year Californians on the WWDC Developer Conference had introduced the system of car play as “iOS in the car”. More manufacturer – them BMW, Toyota, General include motor, Honda, Peugeot Citroen – to follow and also fit to be made for car play. The Wolfsburg Volkswagen Group does not count to the partners by Apple’s car play, the company relies on the technology of MirrorLink of car connectivity Consortium (CCC).

Car play is available as an update of iOS 7. The system car play with lightning-based iPhones – these include the iPhone 5, iPhone 5 C and the iPhone 5S. So car play works: the iPhone user controls the system car play through the user interface of his car or he activated the Siri Assistant service, by pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel. With car play you can while driving phone call, listen to music and select songs or access to news services. Car play to can make but also the route planning easier and access on Apple’s card service.

Apple is however not alone with car play, the competition is interested in car drivers: with the open automotive Alliance (OAA), also the companies include General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, and NVIDIA, wants to establish Google Android as the operating system in cars. Completely networked cars are the goal. First vehicle models with integrated Android should come at the end of the year on the market. The system for the car from Microsoft is Windows Embedded automotive 7. Fiat, Ford, KIA, and Nissan are involved with.

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