With The Perfect Outfit To Dream job

After searching through job offers, sending applications and many calls, the moment is the moment when you have hopefully received the invitation for your first interview in the company where you applied.

The conversation itself is likely to be stressful enough for you, but you may also think about what you are going to wear-as many studies have already proved, the first impression is crucial and unconsciously within seconds.

What you are talking about depends on what kind of company and which position you are applying for. So make sure you are well prepared and confident about the conversation. In any case, avoid excessive make-up and hairstyles as well as eye-catching accessories. Stick to these rules leave you an unforgettable first impression.

Formal Dresscode

For formal environments such as banks, investment companies and law firms, you should dress professionally.An investment in the appropriate clothing is not too much demand. Stick to basic colors such as black, white, gray and light blue and do not forget to always wear tights when choosing a dress. Complete your look with neat and classic leather pumps or laces in darker colors.

Informal Dresscode

Even if you are applying to more informal companies like marketing agencies, where creativity is important, you should be aware that you are looking for a job that you want to get. Informal does not mean casual. You have to find the right balance and still look neat. The roll-collar top is a great option if you seem to be a blouse too much. But the rule remains: Better over-than underdressed.

Casual Dresscode

There are companies, such as IT offices, where it is quite unimportant what you wear. The employees wear jeans and t-shirts as their work uniforms, but there is a difference between those and you: you already have the job and you do not. An important general advice for any interview is: Never wear jeans. Cardigans and casual tops to casual pants keep your look simple and comfortable. In this case, you could even combine a sporty lace-up shoe with a very simple and clear design.