Womens Black Dress and Jacket

Here’s a fashion Trend for the f/w 2016: black dresses and jackets ! Let’s see how you will wear in all their variations and the most fashionable outfits. With a series of images and templates ready for shopping online.

If the trend this Fall Winter 2016, to bring the black dress along with the leather jacket, in total black, it makes you mad, you are right. Yes, because, we, together with the experts of fashion and shopping women’s basic jackets online of Bridgat, we have selected a series of models and combinations not to miss in this winning combination of fashion 2016.

The black suit is ideal for any occasion, possible? Yes. Because, to be the protagonist of fashion elegant and important occasions, the black dress “takes to the streets” in a Street-style. Worn with biker boots and black nail, in fact, buy a completely different flavor and look!

Beautiful versions of the long black dress with stars like that proposed by Glamorous and Reclaimed Vintage. You find them in the gallery. You will wear a jaunty version and decided at the same time, both coupled with the black leather jacket with denim blazer or color. The rule to wear this outfit? No rigid elegance, but only so much grunge ….

Ditto for coupling with the black jacket, in the “nail” and Bomber 001, then everlasting black jacket that she’s safe at all, since the time of Woodstock.

And, speaking of Woodstock and the years 60-70, if you want a style cue, get inspired by the hippie fashion, when the long dress and wide, the maxi-dress to speak, was a must-have for every season.

Black, in 2016, this look is the master, it is true. But not only him. Fit also the combinations with autumn colors Burgundy, rust, denim, floral and mustard yellow that in depopulated this year.

And now we just have to buy “our divided more chic” of f/w 2016, directly on line in section dresses and black vests 2016 out of Trovamoda.com.