Womens Sweatpants New Look: Comfortable and Fashionable

I swear I never thought I’d say this, because a year ago I worn the ugliest sweatpants to ask a person leaving home. But the coolest fashion is to invent and reinvent, and pick up that piece that everyone thinks and shows that it can indeed be cool in so many ways.

I have a certain “trauma” of sweatpants. As a child, I wanted to die when my mother sent me to school in sweatpants with the other girls in my class wore jeans (our uniform shirt was already only). I was warm, comfortable, but I felt horrible because I felt the collection of pre-teen to feel “fashionable,” and in my head, this was only possible with jeans. This phase was marked through in my head, and until recently up hooded sweaters gave me chills (where their purpose is quite another).

The sporty fashion, which began in the middle of last year, which began to enter the sports garments – tennis, sports jackets and sweatpants pieces – came to deconstruct a series of prejudices that I had, not only with the sweatpants. I always loved to wear sneakers but was afraid because, you know, had to use gibberish female sneaker. The first walkways began to rescue this fashion were surprised me a little, but soon I realized that gives but to be comfortable and beautiful. There is nothing more comfortable than sneakers and sweatpants.

Since I got rid of that silly prejudice, rooted in an idea I had, ah, you know, 10 years ago, I came to see that comfortable pieces of my wardrobe may well combine with others and become modern, why not ?And we will agree, the jeans is a piece joker but comfortable he’s far from being, even those tighter. You can agree with me, I know that’s what you think, because everybody thinks but is afraid to talk about sweatpants on http://thefreegeography.com/2016/02/mens-sweatpants-with-cargo-pockets_259/!

Today’s post is to show that the sweatshirt can make you comfortable, beautiful, warm, and I’m talking about that the gray pants that you only use when you’re home alone. Want to see? So come on. The key to success is to match the shoes and accessories. The sweatpants win another guy when combined with a heel and / or the right accessories.