Gear 2 And Gear Fit, The Samsung Smartwatches Are Coming To Brazil

The Galaxy S5 was the main product presented today by Samsung, but it was not the only one: the company also brought to the country the new generation of smart watches, which have left out the Android and the Galaxy brand. Moved to Tizen, Gear 2 and Gear Fit began to be sold in Brazil also on April 12, costing 1,299 and 899 reais, respectively. And Gear Fit is, at the very least, curious.

Samsung Gear 2

But let’s start with Gear 2, the successor to Galaxy Gear , which was not exactly a salessuccess. Samsung corrected some of the problems the first generation had, starting with the design: Gear 2 looks thinner than its predecessor, looks more harmonic, has no more screws on display, and has lost that bizarre bump to house the camera.

The 2MP camera lens is now on the watch body, which made it possible to change the bracelet. Samsung will sell bracelets in black, orange, gray and brown. The brands Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood also developed some bracelets, which are more flashy and have some designs; Particularly, they did not please me.

The Super AMOLED screen remains 1.63 inches, with enough definition not to reveal individual pixels. It displays data such as time and weather, but does not stay on all the time, which is not exactly good for a clock. It is true that this would consume more energy, but Pebble and Sony SmartWatch 2 constantly display the hours on a low-power screen.

The camera is not very good, but it breaks the branch
With apps, you can listen to music , make calls through your paired smartphone, view notifications, control your TV, and send voice commands. Samsung is paying close attention to the fitness aspect of the thing and has put in Gear 2 a heart rate sensor, just as it did in the Galaxy S5.

The Gear 2 has 4GB of internal memory to play music through Bluetooth headphones and is IP67 certified against water and dust, which means you can wash it or take it in rain without fear of damaging the device.

Samsung Gear Fit

Gear Fit is a much simpler smartwatch than Gear 2. You can not make calls or play music, or give a spy by taking pictures out there because it has no built-in camera. I think it’s because I do not have so much finesse that Gear Fit caught my attention.

Gear Fit is the basics of a smartwatch: it displays the hours (with the same drawback of Gear 2 keeping the screen off to save energy), shows notifications received on the smartphone, can control the music player, has timer and countdown timer, Has functions to monitor physical activities and … that’s just it.

The main features of Gear Fit are health related, such as the step counter and the heart rate sensor, located on the back of the watch body, which worked perfectly in my tests and mediated the heart activity in about three seconds ( I was relaxed with 83 bpm).

This is the heart rate sensor
The part that draws the most attention is the screen, which is curved. This detail, coupled with the lightness of the Gear Fit (only 27 grams) make the smartwatch very comfortable on the wrist. Like Gear 2, it has water and dust resistance.

It’s strange to read like this, but you can get used to it
The only problem is that, because the screen follows the curve of the wrist and is very narrow, it is rather strange to read the information, which is in the vertical orientation. But it’s just a matter of custom: a few minutes were enough to begin to handle Gear Fit naturally. In fact, since there are not thousands of features and gestures difficult to decorate in Gear 2, Gear Fit is a lot nicer to use.

Samsung Gear Neo And Compatibility

The Gear Neo also runs Tizen and is a kind of Gear 2 without an integrated camera. It has not yet come to Brazil, but the launch is not ruled out: Samsung’s forecast is that smartwatch will start selling in Brazil in the second half of the year. No price estimate has been disclosed, but we should bet on something close to one thousand reais, considering the values ​​of other Samsung smartwatches.

It is always good to remember that the three smartwatches from Samsung only work with certain models of smartphones and tablets of the own Samsung. Among the compatible devices are Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy Mega, Galaxy Gran 2 and Galaxy Note 3 Neo.

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