X Ray for Kindle Fire

If you’ve been following our latest articles, new Kindle Fire know everything and more: a lot of new model 8.9 ″’ as well as the successor of the original 7″ (also in HD version).

But what still eludes you, perhaps, is the new technology implemented in tablets of House Amazon, called X-Ray.

For non-English speakers, the literal translation is x-rays, and there could be more appropriate name.

This innovation introduced with the new family of device, allows for in-depth information about the content that computergees are showing and is divided into three components:

  • X-ray for movies: used, of course, with movies, allows us to click on a scene and see which actors appear in the frame, in which other films they starred and other information (as in the image above)
  • X-ray for books: will provide information about the chapters, but also of people and places mentioned in the book we’re reading.In addition, you can view the bio of the author and additional info
  • X-Ray for textbooks: useful for students, will make it easier to find links and references on the subject under investigation.Simply tap on a text book page to quickly obtain a list of the other chapters dealing with the same theme, as well as useful links to Wikipedia and YouTube.

The information for now in our possession are not numerous but, judging from these initial statements, it looks like a really interesting technology that could seriously change the way we deal with the media.

We will see later how many and which movies and books will be “supported”, and this definitely will tilt the balance in favor of Amazon or not.
Meanwhile, what do you think? Is a function that might push you into buying a Kindle Fire rather than a Nexus 7 (now available)?