Xiaomi Finally Begins Its International Expansion: US, UK, France and Germany The First Winners

The boys of Xiaomi they have staged one of the most important promotions and media of recent times in the mobile telephony market, virtually from scratch to become in one of the manufacturers of fashion in all the world.

Went his bid for devices with hardware and price very compensated more than good, and his strategy of staying apart from patent wars selling only in the emerging markets such as China and India has also been very successful.

However, sooner or later Xiaomi had to leave Asia to get to Europe and America, especially taking into account that his greatest aspiration is still becoming the first manufacturer at the global level.

Only accessories and only four countries, at least for the time being

The day has arrived, and it is that Xiaomi has just opened its first online store aimed at the main markets of Europe and North America, It launches today its operations with a few accessories available in four countries.

Sales are restricted from time to a selection of the range of official accessories of Xiaomi, its 10,400 mAh PowerBank (13.99 dollars) and 5,000 mAh ($9.99), the my headphones headphone ($79.99) and my Band Bracelet (14.99 dollars), as they are to maintain their attractive prices.

Shipments are made officially to the United States, United Kingdom, France and Germany, so from Spain we will have to continue accessing the products of the successful firm china through import stores.

Will have to wait for upgrades to more countries, and above all the arrival of smartphones, which is surely still pending agreements to alleviate the patent wars and the payments terminals with Android manufacturers have to make companies like Microsoft, etc.