Xiaomi Is Joins Leadcore to Manufacture Their Own Processors

Xiaomi continues its rapid rise, and after becoming one of the most important Chinese manufacturers in the sector of telephony in less than five years, now seems to be willing to emulate giants such as Samsung, Huawei and Apple and manufacture their own processors to reduce its dependence on manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.

For this step the Chinese company is to ally with Leadcore, a chip manufacturer belonging to the Chinese group of technology and industry Datang Telecom, whose leaders have been told EE Times that with this maneuver Xiaomi can control their own destiny while passing It is differentiated from other products of manufacturers.

According to Marshal Cheng, Vice President of Leadcore, This step was hopeless taking into account the volume of devices that is moving Xiomi. Moreover, in a world in which almost all manufacturers are betting on MediaTek or Qualcomm processors make their own SoC will be an opportunity to differentiate themselves from them.

Cheng He did not want to reveal any details on future chips Xiaomi, but yes that it took the opportunity to deny the rumors that Xiaomi has invested in Leadcore, since it ensures that the company still belongs almost entirely to the Chinese State.

Therefore it will be wait a few months before having more details on the future of a Xiaomi to at the moment It has not even confirmed the news, While taking into account what your source seems pretty reliable. Do you get Xiaomi also make noise in the processor market? Let us hope that we do not have to wait long to find out.