Yoga for Kids

Choose a sport or discipline is right for our children can be difficult. If you bet on a healthy growth, a greater concentration and mental and physical performance and a certain amount of calm, however, the choice becomes easy: Yoga! We explain why.

Yoga practiced since piccolini brings a great deal of mental and physical benefits in growth of children with proper yoga mats. In particular, learn, since I was young, relaxation techniques, door to face life’s challenges with greater ease and strength. Yoga, in fact, promotes the growth of self-esteem and body awareness, thanks to a form of physical activity that is non-competitive but that promotes cooperation and introspective ability. Yoga is a great gift to make for our children.

Children benefit from Yoga:

  1. Physically, they increase their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness
  2. In addition, improve their concentration, the sense of calm and relaxation
  3. Doing an exercise like Yoga, children play and establish a deeper contact with their inner self
  4. They also develop a more intimate relationship with the natural world around them.Yoga, in fact, like other forms of meditation arising from ancient Buddhism, brings out the wonderful inner life that all children have

When ancient Buddhist monks developed the techniques of Yoga movement, they were still living in close contact with the natural world, animals and plants. Yoga discipline was combat or imitate natural phenomena such as, the sting of a Scorpion, the grace of a Swan, the ability to stand the rights like a tree. When children imitate the movements and the sounds of nature, have the opportunity to discover within themselves a way of being natural, full of unknown quality and capacity. When they take the pose of the lion (Simhasana), for example, experience not only the lion’s behavior, but also the power of this animal, learning, for example, If it is right to be aggressive or if you should retire! The physical movements of Yoga, in fact, introduce the kids to the true meanings of this discipline which are to merge, expression, and respect for themselves as part of the cosmos and the environment.

Yoga offers many possibilities for Exchange, reflection and sharing and lays the Foundation for a permanent practice that you will continue to develop throughout life. All you need is some flexibility on the part of adults, because the practice of Yoga in preschoolers and school age is quite different from that of Yoga for adults.

Children have an inner world and a “deep approach” that goes beyond rationalization: for them, movement, music, play and storytelling are natural and spontaneous forms of communication. For this reason, it is very important to entrust their children to teaching Yoga with confidence and serenity. It is also very important to find good centres, where teachers have experience with children as well as adults. Today, many schools are improving their offers, according to a growth of demand in this context: more and more parents, in fact, become sensitive to the need to offer their children a better and greater contact with yourself and with the world.
Here’s what says Francesca Moratti, founder of centro BeYoga Center of Milan:
“I believe very much in this initiative which is the fruit of intense and extensive research we have done around the world: the Center BeYoga Center wants to offer a range of proposals which are really able to respond to different needs, whether those needs for relaxation, and more control of his own mind and yourself, or need for physical and muscular nature more properly”. Yoga is an excellent discipline to follow even during pregnancy.