Yoga for Pregnant Women

Practicing yoga during pregnancy, not only help to maintain health and well – being, but also provide peace and freedom both to your body, your heart and your mind as to your son / daughter. If you want to stay fit during pregnancy and take care of your health and your baby, join this sport of Eastern origin.


Yoga is a beneficial activity during pregnancy as long as is done under the supervision of a specialist and with the consent of the gynecologist. The practice of various postures (asanas) and breath control can prevent or relieve the discomforts of pregnancy. Similarly, pregnant help prepare for childbirth both physically and psychologically.

It keeps you in shape

With continued practice tone up muscles, improve your flexibility and balance, and give better blood circulation.


It helps fight small discomforts of pregnancy

It is inevitable that during pregnancy suffer certain muscle aches, nausea and stress. Yoga helps to reduce all these little annoyances improving posture, facilitating the circulation, and exercising the muscles to make them stronger and stronger.


Teaches you how to relax

The general yoga and yoga for pregnant women in particular, emphasizes breath as the key to control of our body, so it will be one of the first things you learn. Although at first glance seem unimportant, correct breathing helps you fight stress by strengthening the nervous system will prevent you run out of breath after physical exertion, and serves as a relaxation exercise.


Improves the connection between mother and baby

Yoga helps to reinforce the connection between the two and that as a mother you feel your baby even noticing what positions you like more or less according to their reactions.

Types of yoga

There are other types of Yoga you can also practice during pregnancy to have peace of mind and wellbeing.


Khalsa Yoga:

Khalsa Yoga is a type of yoga that can be done during any trimester of pregnancy, and helps connect pregnant with your baby exercises.


Naam Yoga:

When we speak of Naam Yoga, we refer to a yoga class in which various types of yoga, such as asanas and yoga stretches classic with advanced methods of breathing and chanting spiritual mantras merge. This type of yoga is perfect for pregnant women, according to


Hatha Yoga:

Hatha Yoga is considered one of the most suitable for expectant mothers therapeutic systems. He is originally from India and means “the yoga of union.” In this kind of yoga exercises are relaxation are very healthy to ease tensions and mood changes that occur during pregnancy.

Yoga for each quarter

Learn about the different kinds of yoga that exist and keep in mind what exercise  should do according to the trimester of pregnancy to get the full benefits of yoga.


First trimester of pregnancy

Meditation and breathing exercises are important in the first quarter. They can be combined with some gentle exercises to prevent nausea as the position of the mill or squatting posture.


Second trimester

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby begins to grow and yoga exercises can be oriented to unite the mother with her ​​son. Poses like cat or triangle are recommended.


Third trimester of pregnancy

In the third trimester, pregnant women can work with postures that help them relax your body, such as the Warrior, which will allow you to relax the muscles.

recommended positions

The best yoga poses for pregnant are those that strengthen the pelvic muscles and improve matrix space.



Pigeon posture yoga strengthens and increases blood flow to the lower back, muscles and pelvic area. Stretch your hips and thigh muscles.


The cat

The cat pose is usually done as heating to stretch the spine and ensure flexibility. You can take this yoga exercise to relieve back pain.

The different postures of yoga practice will help the baby fits in recent weeks. If you also combine it with meditation, you can be physically and mentally prepared to give birth.