YouTube Now Supports Live Streaming at 60 Fps

When we think of live video streams over the Internet, often remember bad or annoying freezes images. But gradually, these problems start to get in the past. The Google, for example, has just revealed that YouTube is already capable of performing real – time streaming in HTML5 and 60 fps (frames per second).

The user does not need to make any specific configuration. YouTube per se, detects the transmission frame rate and enables the maximum supported. You can choose between two resolutions to work with 60 fps: 1080p and 720p. Even applications that use the YouTube API – as XSplit Broadcaster – can transmit in the new mode.

This is an expected new since the end of 2016, when YouTube now supports officially “normal” video with 48 or 60 fps. This rate is interesting, for example, for streaming games: 60 frames per second, the images have more fluidity, important aspect in scenes with fast moving.

Playback of videos in HTML5 on YouTube has become standard in January, so not astonishes the use of technology also in live streaming. The main advantage is the broad compatibility, according to Google. Most current browsers are fully compatible with HTML5, including the mobile versions.

Will these changes are part of a Google reaction to Twitch and similar services? Probably yes. The company does not comment, but a few months ago, rumors about the creation of a competing tool to Twitch within YouTube itself. If you slip up, the livestreaming at 60 fps is part of the preparation for this release.

If the rumors are right, we will have news about it already in the edition 2015 E3, scheduled for next month.