YouTube Stops Accepting New Videos From Today

Two weeks after announcing the end of the Reader, the Google claimed another victim: the YouTube will be discontinued and will no longer accept new videos from today. Video published on the official channel, Google surprised everyone by explaining that YouTube was actually a great contest to name the best video of all time.

All videos uploaded to YouTube will be evaluated by a team of 30,000 judges, including major critics of movies and controversial commentators. Also participate in the balloting some YouTube itself celebrities like Matt Harding, who recorded the series Matt Harding ; Judson Laipply, the Evolution of Dance ; and the duo Charlie and Harry, the famous video Charlie Bit My Finger .

According to Google, all videos will have an equal chance to compete for the prize, regardless of popularity. So, if you uploaded a video and managed only 40 views, you will have the same opportunity the South Korean singer Psy, who got 1.4 billion hits with clip Gangnam Style.

Due to the huge number of videos uploaded during the eight years of YouTube’s existence, the winner will be announced only in 2023. The head of the best video will win $ 500 and an MP3 player. The event will announce the first listed will be broadcast live by streaming and will be open to the public this link.

Live: as the best YouTube video award

YouTube is announcing at this time the candidates for the best video award. “If you uploaded a video to YouTube we past eight years, he is under evaluation and may win the prize.”

This article is part of the celebrations of the First of April, April Fool’s Day! Hihihi.