Zuckerberg founded giant book club on Facebook

Creator of the largest social network in the world (along with some colleagues), Mark Zuckerberg will use it to achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Billionaire opened a page with the proposal to make a book club. As would be expected, more than 200 000 Internet users joined the idea.

This is not the first time that Zuck takes the year of change to present an interesting resolution. In previous years, he said he would learn Mandarin, the most spoken language in the world. Not only did, as giving interviews to journalists in the official language of China. Also committed to only eat meat of the animals hunted for him – we do not know how to walk this far.

By page A Year of Books, Zuckerberg will choose a new title every fortnight (or something). “The books allow you to fully explore a subject and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today,” wrote the CEO of Facebook. Pinpricks aside, the important thing is that he also invited readers to participate in discussions on the page.

However, it was direct and straight to the state that the space will be moderate and is intended only for those who actually read the titles.

The first book of Zuck’s book club is The End of Power, the Venezuelan Moises Naim. Copies sold out on our site a few hours after the project was announced. He also celebrated the release of remaining in audiobook as the most sought among the securities of non-fiction iTunes. He thanked directly to Mark Zuckerberg for the brand.

The Power of Close is also for sale in the Brazilian Amazon. The digital edition and in good Portuguese costs US $ 27.19 and can also be downloaded by subscribers Kindle Unlimited. As well remember the Brainstorm 9, however, the discussion on page A Year of Books tend to happen in English even.