ZyXEL NAS325 in the Test

The ZyXEL NAS325 comes without hard drives, but offers good facilities and works really fast in the test.

Cycles NAS325

Test score:

  • Handling/configuration: 85%
  • Equipment: 80%
  • Multimedia functionality: 70%
  • Backup functionality: 85%

ZyXEL-NAS is generally without hard drives. Especially you find that good, that want to completely decide about size and quality of their storage media. And be all doubters said: nothing is easier than to equip a NAS hard drives.

In the case of the NSA325 must you clean slide just – finished. We ordered the plates over the Web, so this is a matter of 48 hours plus a few minutes installation. Only, you should be sure to order two identical plates in order to take advantage of Raid 1 capability of the slim file server.

Router: As soon as possible

If the disks are housed and the NSA325 to the router hangs, is need for configuration. By the way, router: should be already a 1-Gigabit Router (, the AVM used in the test Fritz box 7390 4 GB ports). Less means give away speed. Users can also find direct access to the ZyXEL server via the internal network IP address. So at best a network scanner how interrogate LanScan (free in the app store), enter the IP address in the browser window and set up administrator access on the configuration page.

From the factory, the user is admin and the password is 1234. In the menu the hard drives of their use want to be fed now under “Storage”. Who wants to use the full capacity of the two plates, choose JBOD, who would like to save the data loaded on, click on RAID 1. Therefore, almost everything is done.

The extensive facilities makes the ZyXEL server to the iTunes store, can speak to Time machine and get thanks to torrent client downloads without computer support from the Web.

As well as in almost all NASsteht Zyxels NSA325 (price: €145 without disks) as printer server available. : Still if you have a USB 3.0 hard drive, rarely three USB ports connection on one. The other two meet the 2.0 standard.

Readings: Zyxel gives gas

42 MB / s write and 51 MB / s in read in RAID 1 mode, the NSA325 is one of the faster the test candidates.

Conclusion: Fast and cheap

Faster, cheaper and well equipped file server for your home network.