Amite County, Mississippi

According to, Amite County, Mississippi is located in the southwestern part of the state and is home to nearly 14,000 residents. The county seat is Liberty and other major cities in the county include Gloster, Centreville, Liberty, and Smithdale. Amite County was established in 1809 and was named after the local Native American tribe of the same name.

The major industries in Amite County are timber and agriculture. The county is home to many farms that produce soybeans, corn, cotton, wheat, sorghum, hay and vegetables. In addition to farming activities, there are also several timber companies that operate within the county’s borders.

The median household income for Amite County is $33,721 which is lower than both the state median income of $43,025 and the national median income of $50,221. The poverty rate in Amite County is higher than both Mississippi’s rate at 18% as well as the national average at 13%.

Education-wise there are several schools located within Amite County including public schools like Liberty Elementary School or Centreville Academy as well as private schools like Trinity Episcopal School or Westside Christian Academy. Additionally, there are two colleges located within close proximity to Amite County: Copiah-Lincoln Community College and Southwest Mississippi Community College both offer a variety of degree programs for students looking to further their education.

In terms of recreational activities, there are many parks and trails throughout Amite County such as Big Creek Park or Gloster High Bluff Trail that offer hiking trails with breathtaking views of nature’s beauty along with picnic areas for families to enjoy a day out together. Additionally, there are several lakes located throughout the county such as Lake Okhissa or Lake Bruin where visitors can go fishing or boating during warmer months. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder why people choose to call Amite County home.

History of Amite County, Mississippi

Amite County, Mississippi is located in the southwestern part of the state and has a long and rich history. It was established in 1809 and was named after the local Native American tribe of the same name. The original inhabitants of Amite County were the Choctaw Indians who inhabited the area for centuries before Europeans arrived. In 1763, France ceded this region to Great Britain, which then ceded it to Spain in 1783. The United States acquired this land after winning the War of 1812 and established Amite County in 1809.

During its early years, Amite County was mainly an agricultural county with cotton being one of its main crops. This led to a period of prosperity for many of its residents as they profited from their cotton crops. During this time, there were also many small towns that developed throughout Amite County such as Liberty, Gloster, Centreville and Smithdale. These towns provided much needed services such as stores, churches and post offices that helped support the local economy.

In 1861, Mississippi seceded from the Union and joined the Confederacy during the Civil War which had a devastating effect on Amite County due to its reliance on cotton production. Many plantations were destroyed by Union troops during this time as well as much of its infrastructure such as bridges and roads being damaged or destroyed completely. When slavery was abolished in 1865, many former slaves began working on local farms which helped to revive some economic activity in Amite County during Reconstruction era following the war’s end.

The 20th century saw another period of growth for Amite County with new industries such as timber production and oil exploration becoming prominent sources of income for many residents during this time period. This led to more towns being established throughout Amite County including Osyka which became a hub for timber production while other towns like Gloster emerged as centers for oil exploration activities in southern Mississippi during this time period.

Today, agriculture is still an important part of life in Amite County with soybeans, corn, cotton wheat sorghum hay and vegetables being some major crops grown here while timber production remains an important industry here too with several companies operating within its borders providing jobs for many county residents today. Additionally, there are now two colleges located close by offering degree programs while recreational activities such as hiking trails or fishing lakes provide residents with plenty of opportunities to experience nature’s beauty at its best. With so much history behind it, it’s no wonder why people choose to call Amite County home.

Major cities and towns in Amite County, Mississippi

According to abbreviationfinder, the largest city in Amite County is Liberty, Mississippi. Liberty is located in the northwest corner of the county and is home to around 1,200 residents. The city was founded in 1837 and is one of the oldest cities in the state. As a result, Liberty offers a unique mix of historic buildings and modern amenities. The town’s main attraction is its downtown area which features several restaurants, shops, and other businesses. There are also several parks and recreational areas located near Liberty including two public golf courses, a tennis court, and a disc golf course.

The second largest city in Amite County is Gloster, Mississippi. This small town has an estimated population of just over 800 people and was established in 1841. It’s known for its historic downtown area which features several restaurants, shops, and other businesses as well as several parks and recreational areas including two public golf courses. Gloster also offers some unique attractions such as the Gloster Historic Museum which showcases artifacts from the town’s history including photos from its early days as well as items from its Civil War era past.

The third largest city in Amite County is Centreville, Mississippi which has an estimated population of around 500 people. Centreville was founded in 1838 and boasts one of the oldest courthouses still standing in Mississippi today. The city’s main attraction is its historic downtown area which features several restaurants, shops, galleries, and other businesses as well as a few parks for recreation purposes such as fishing or walking trails. Additionally, Centreville hosts many events throughout the year such as their annual Festival on Main Street where local artisans come together to showcase their work to visitors from all over the country.

Amite County, Mississippi

Population in Amite County, Mississippi

Amite County, Mississippi is home to an estimated population of about 14,000 people. The population is spread out over the county’s six cities and numerous small towns. Of these, Liberty has the largest population with around 1,200 people, while Gloster and Centreville have populations of 800 and 500 respectively. The remainder of the county’s population is made up of smaller towns such as Enterprise, Magnolia, Osyka, and Rose Hill.

The majority of Amite County’s residents are white (84%), followed by African Americans (14%), Hispanics (1%), Asians (0.3%), and other races (0.7%). In terms of age distribution, the majority of Amite County’s population is under the age of 18 (46%) while those aged 65+ make up 13% of the total population.

As far as education goes, most adults over 25 years old in Amite County have achieved a high school diploma or GED equivalent (94%). Additionally, 8% have achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher while only 2% have earned a graduate degree or higher.

In terms of income levels in Amite County, median household income was estimated at $40,898 in 2018 which is slightly lower than the national median household income ($61,937). Additionally, 36% of households in Amite County have an annual income below $25k while 24% earn between $25k-$50k per year.