Bond County, Illinois

According to, Bond County, Illinois is located in the southwestern region of the state and covers an area of 483 square miles. As of 2020, the county had a population of 17,919 according to U.S. Census Bureau estimates. The largest city in Bond County is Greenville, with a population of 6,748 people as of 2020. Other cities and towns located within Bond County include Sorento (population 514), Mulberry Grove (population 422), Pocahontas (population 397), and Donnellson (population 224).

The racial makeup of Bond County is predominantly white (88%), with smaller populations of Hispanic/Latino individuals (6%), African Americans (.5%) and Asian individuals (.4%). The median household income in the county is $54,812 per year while the median age is 38 years old.

The economy in Bond County is based primarily on agriculture and manufacturing. It also has several higher education institutions including Greenville University which bring students from all over the world into the area each year. Additionally, there are numerous parks throughout the county where visitors can enjoy camping or picnicking activities such as Carlyle Lake State Park or Rend Lake Wildlife Management Area. There are also numerous historical sites located throughout Bond County that offer visitors a glimpse into its past such as Old Ripley Cemetery or Stonington Historic Village Museum and Park.

History of Bond County, Illinois

Bond County, Illinois is located in the southwestern region of the state and has been home to many different cultures since its inception. The area was first inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Miami, Kickapoo, and Potawatomi. European settlers began arriving in the county around 1814 and established small settlements along the Kaskaskia River. By 1817, Bond County was officially organized and named after Shadrach Bond who served as Illinois’ first governor.

The early economy of Bond County was based primarily on agriculture with small-scale farming being the main source of income for most families. As time went on, industry began to move into the area with manufacturing companies such as coal mines and steel mills becoming prominent employers in the county.

In addition to industry, Bond County also had several educational institutions which were established throughout its history including Greenville University which opened in 1855 and continues to serve students from all over the world today.

Throughout its history, Bond County has seen numerous changes including a population boom due to an influx of German immigrants in the mid-1800s as well as an increase in tourism due to its proximity to St Louis and other major cities. Today, Bond County continues to be a thriving community with a diverse population that is proud of its rich history and vibrant culture.

Major cities and towns in Bond County, Illinois

According to abbreviationfinder, Bond County, Illinois is home to numerous cities and towns that provide a variety of services and activities for residents. The county seat of Bond County is Greenville, which is also the largest city in the county. Greenville serves as the economic and cultural hub of the county with numerous restaurants, shops, museums and parks located throughout the city. Additionally, Greenville is home to Greenville University which brings students from all over the world into the area each year.

Other notable cities in Bond County include Sorento which is known for its historic buildings such as Stonington Historic Village Museum and Park; Pocahontas, a small town with a rich history that dates back to 1818; Keyesport which has become a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its proximity to Carlyle Lake State Park; Mulberry Grove which serves as an agricultural hub for the county; and Donnellson which was founded in 1883 and features several historical sites such as Old Ripley Cemetery.

In addition to these cities, Bond County also has many small towns such as Ellery, Mascoutah, Smithboro, Tamalco and Walshville that offer visitors a glimpse into rural life in Illinois. Each of these towns has their own unique charm with several attractions including local festivals or farmers markets that bring people together throughout the year.

Bond County provides residents and visitors alike with an array of different cities and towns that are full of history and charm – each offering something special to its visitors. From bustling metropolises like Greenville to quaint rural villages like Ellery – Bond County truly has something for everyone.

Bond County, Illinois

Population in Bond County, Illinois

Bond County, Illinois is located in the southwestern corner of the state and is home to a population of 17,768 according to the 2019 United States Census. The population of Bond County is mostly rural, with a few small towns and villages scattered throughout its nearly 600 square miles. The largest town in Bond County is Greenville, which has a population of 5,922. Other smaller towns include Sorento, Pocahontas, Mulberry Grove and Smithboro. Bond County has seen its population slowly decline over the last decade due to people moving away for better job opportunities. However, the county remains largely agricultural with many farms and ranches dotting the landscape. The median household income in Bond County was $50,847 in 2018 according to census data. This income level is slightly higher than both the state and national averages. Education levels are also slightly higher than average in Bond County with 98% of adults having at least a high school diploma while 28% have obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The racial makeup of Bond County is 95% White non-Hispanic, 1% Black or African American non-Hispanic and 3% Hispanic or Latino origin. In terms of religion, around 79% of residents identify as Christian while 8% practice no religion at all.