An English dictionary is a book that lists words in alphabetical order, with definitions and other information about each word. It may also provide usage notes and etymologies, as well as lists of synonyms and antonyms. Many English dictionaries are available both in print form and online.

What does Bullboxer Stand for?

Bullboxer Shoes

Bullboxer shoes, whether with sturdy heels or with playful rhinestones, are available as extravagant bullboxer shoes for women or as sporty bullboxer shoes for men. Bullboxer women’s shoes and Bullboxer men’s shoes represent footwear that is highly individual, but also…
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What does Camper Stand for?

Camper shoes

Camper is the brand of a Spanish shoe manufacturer that is based in Mallorca and specializes in the production of comfortable shoes that reflect the values ​​of the Mediterranean region and are characterized by comfort, durability and simplicity. In addition…
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What does IELTS Stand for?


The IELTS (which stands for International English Language Testing System according to gradinmath) is a standardized test that measures the English proficiency of non-native speakers. It was developed in England over 25 years ago. It is now accepted by many…
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What does Holding Stand for?

holding company

A holding is a specific structure of several companies, but not a separate legal form. The structure is done in such a way that several companies are hierarchically structured among each other and accordingly there are holdings and economic dependencies…
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What does Tiger Stand for?

Facts about the tiger

According to abbreviationfinder.org, the tiger is the largest and strongest living cat species in the world. The tiger is incredibly breathtaking to watch, where its beautiful stripes and yellow fur can seem fascinating to anyone. The tiger must be seen…
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What does Flamingo Stand for?

Facts about the flamingo

The flamingo lives wild in most of the globe’s continents. There are five different species: the chile flamingo, the great flamingo, the little flamingo, the duck flamingo and the puna flamingo. The flamingo name comes from the Latin word “flamenco” which means…
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