What does HP Stand for?


According to abbreviationfinder, HP stands for Hewlett-Packard. Hewlett-Packard, better known as HP, is an American company, one of the largest information technology companies in the world, based in Palo Alto, California. It manufactured and marketed hardware and software in addition to providing…
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What does MIDI Stand for?


According to AbbreviationFinder, MIDI stands for Digital Interface for Musical Instruments. Physical communication standard between systems (connectors, cables, communication protocols) and the characteristics of the language that make the exchange of information between systems possible. MIDI does not transmit sounds,…
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What does 4G Stand for?


4G: what is LTE? The fourth generation (or 4G abbreviated by of mobile telephony begins with LTE technology, short for Long Term Evolution (something like “Long Term Evolution”). This is yet another proposal submitted by 3GPP. Although, in the view…
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