Fasano, Italy

Fasano is located in a quiet and picturesque place, where the low hills and grotto-riddled plains of Puglia meet the blue of the Adriatic Sea. The roots of the history of the city go back to antiquity – it is mentioned by Horace in 38 BC. e., but a full-fledged settlement appeared here in 1088, when the inhabitants of the port of Egnatia moved inland – away from the pirates who hunted robbery off the coast. Fasano could be a typical (but no less pretty) southern Italian town if not for its zoo. It is one of the largest not only in the Apennines, but throughout Europe. And it is the zoo that annually attracts tens of thousands of tourists to the city. For Italy climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

How to get to Fasano

Fasano can be reached in two ways: via Bari or Brindisi. Alitalia and Aeroflot fly to Bari from Moscow with a transfer in Rome. The connecting flight lasts 6-8 hours. From the airport. Karol Wojtyla to the railway station “Bari Centrale” is only 20 minutes by train (departure every half an hour), and shuttles will also take you to the main station. There you need to transfer to the commuter train to the Fasano station. It runs every half an hour and spends 40 minutes on the way. The station is located outside the city, so you need to take a city bus to the center of Fasano.

There are also no direct flights to Brindisi from Moscow. Again, Aeroflot, Alitalia and Rome’s Fiumicino airport come to the rescue as a hub. From Brindisi Airport you need to get to the Central Station (using the shuttle). And at the railway station, take a train to Fasano (runs every hour, travel time 30-35 minutes).

You can check the schedule and buy tickets at the office. website of the railway carrier (in English).


Public transport in Fasano is represented by buses plying the streets of the city and the nearest settlements. Since the town is small, the need to use OT is practically eliminated. Parking in the central part of Fasano is prohibited, it is better to leave the car in free parking lots outside it. Taxis operate throughout the city, cars can be taken “off board” at special parking lots. If walking is boring, and taking a taxi is expensive, you should contact one of the offices offering bike rental.

Fasano Hotels

There are very few classic hotels in the city. A standard double room in 4 and 5 * hotels costs 100-140 EUR with breakfast. Fasano is dominated by guesthouses. A room in them will cost 50-60 EUR for two. Companies can rent a whole house – there are dozens of not very expensive offers in the vicinity of the city (250 EUR for 5-6 people). For an apartment they will ask 60-100 EUR per day, depending on the location. The prices on the page are for August 2021.

Cafes and restaurants

Fasano’s restaurants specialize mainly in Apulian cuisine, which is characterized by complexity and therefore long cooking times. You need to take this into account when visiting local establishments. The city has a Michelin-starred restaurant Rifugio dei Ghiottoni, where, despite the status, the food is hearty, tasty and inexpensive: the tasting menu costs only 20-50 EUR. Approximately the same prices in most cafes. Among the local dishes, you can try “orecchiete con le chizhe di rapa” – pasta with turnip tops sauce, “bracholine” – veal rolls with sheep cheese, “chutturide” – lamb stew with tomatoes and cheese. Fast food is represented by panini with various fillings and burgers.

Attractions in Fasano

The snow-white historical center of the city is a bizarre labyrinth of narrow streets, arches, stairs and small squares. The most famous sights of Fasano are the baroque arch of Cavalieri, a kind of gate to the Via Bali lane, and the palace of the Knights of Malta, which today houses the city hall (Chia Square). Chaia Square is the real heart of the city, surrounded by ancient buildings and as if specially created for leisurely walks with a gelatto cone in hand. But still, the main thing that tourists want to see is the Fasanolandia Zoo (Via dello Zoosafari).

Its main feature is that some species of animals roam freely around the territory and get acquainted with visitors with pleasure. By the way, guests of Fasanolandia can travel around the zoo not only on foot, but also on a pleasure bus or in their own car – a real safari!

“Phasanolandia” consists of several departments:

  • an aquarium that is home to sea lions and penguins. Also, performances with the participation of aquatic inhabitants are arranged here;
  • the large mammal sector is home to hippos, seals, polar bears and gibbons. The walking trail passes through islets with chimpanzees, gorillas, hyenas, leopards, jaguars, ostriches, other animals and birds;
  • poisonous snakes, turtles, iguanas, alligators, chameleons, geckos, giant spiders, butterflies and scorpions live in the hall of tropical fish and serpentaria;
  • in the ornithological sector, you can see exotic birds, including macaws and cockatoos.

Also in Phasanolandia there is an amusement park with roller coasters, a train with ghosts, bump cars.] Phasanolandia opening hours: 9:30-15:00.

Fasano, Italy