Gudauri, Georgia

Gudauri is the youngest and most modern winter resort in Georgia, the calling card of the local “skiing”. Located on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range, among snow-capped peaks and deep gorges dazzlingly shining in the sun, Gudauri boasts wide comfortable slopes of various steepness, excellent snow cover from December to April, a mild climate without severe frosts and icy winds and, which is very pleasant, more than reasonable prices. Check ANDYEDUCATION.COM to learn more about Georgia.

How to get to Gudauri

Flight to Tbilisi, from where to Gudauri 120 km along the Georgian Military Highway. You can overcome them on an organized transfer – this is the easiest and most reliable option; when moving independently, transport can be ordered at the hotel where you are going to stay. At the Tbilisi airport it is possible to hire a taxi to Gudauri, while showing stoic patience and bargaining mercilessly. The average transfer price is 65–85 EUR. Another option is to take the Tbilisi-Gudauri minibus, departing from the Didube metro station in the Georgian capital. Travel 7 GEL per seat, if you don’t want to wait, you can “buy” the whole car. The journey takes 1.5–2 hours.

And hiring a taxi from Didube to Gudauri will be much cheaper than from Tbilisi airport.

Where to stay

There are more than enough opportunities for accommodation in Gudauri: there are about 12 permanently operating hotels. All of them are small, from 15 to 40 rooms, so the service is almost individual. The cost varies from 50 to 185 EUR per day, while the range of services at the hotel is quite European: several restaurants, bars, sauna, jacuzzi, satellite TV, etc. You can also stay in private cottages – it will cost less: for example, 5 – a local cozy house will cost 80–130 EUR per day (that is, no more than 20–26 EUR per person).


Skiing in Gudauri takes place on the slopes of the mountains Sadzele (3268 and 3307 m) and Kudebi (3006 m). The lower lift station is located at an altitude of 1990 m, the upper one is 3307 m. 16 hours.

The total length of the tracks is 16 km. Red and blue runs are equally divided, blacks are a minority. The average length of the slopes is 2-3 km, the longest descent is 7 km. Altitude difference – 1000 m.

Professionals can try their hand at slalom, giant slalom and super-gith, as well as downhill. All tracks are FIS certified. Fans of cross-country skiing will not be left out as the routes pass through picturesque valleys with wonderful powder snow.

From the top of Kudebi, which can be reached by lift No. 3, there is such a breathtaking view of the massifs of the Greater Caucasus Range that it is simply a crime not to see it.

Another “trick” of Gudauri is rich opportunities for heli-skiing and freeride. Due to the dense snow cover, the absence of obstacles (rocks, etc.) and the danger of avalanches, it is possible to cut through untouched virgin soil with comfort and safety. Heli-skiable slopes range from 4200m to 1500m. Helicopters are operated by Alpine Travel, a Swiss company with a reputation for safety, and qualified instructors will help you select the perfect slope for your skill level.

Rental of any kind of ski equipment – skis, snowboard and boots – will cost 25 GEL per day.

Ski passes

Day pass in high season (from mid-March to mid-April) – 40 GEL for adults and 25 GEL for children; in the low season (from mid-December to mid-March) – also 35 and 25 GEL. Subscription for a week at any time – 232/145 GEL for an adult / child.

Entertainment and attractions of Gudauri

In between skiing the slopes, you can swim in the indoor pool, play tennis, throw balls in the bowling alley, take a steam bath in the sauna and get a massage. In Gudauri there are several cafes and restaurants of Georgian cuisine, as well as other trifling entertainment such as karaoke.

Weather in Gudauri

Gudauri has mild winters with stable snow cover and no strong winds – it is always moderately warm, sunny and quiet here. The average January temperature is -5…-7 °C. The ski season lasts from December to early April. The height of the snow cover on the slopes is 1.5 m. From the end of November to the beginning of May, you can ski on the higher points of the resort (3000–3300 m).

Gudauri, Georgia