Reno, Nevada


Place in the United States
Location of Reno in Nevada
Location of Nevada in the US
County Washoe County
Type of place City
State Nevada
Coordinates 39° 32′ N, 119° 49′ W
Surface 187.9 km²
– country 187.9 km²
(April 1, 2020)
Height 1,373 m
Mayor Hillary Schieve (O)
ZIP code(s) 89501–89503, 89506, 89509, 89511, 89512, 89519, 89521, 89523
FIPS code 32-60600
Reno seen from above

According to Existingcountries, Reno is a city in the US state of Nevada and has 210,225 inhabitants. This makes it the 112th city in the United States (2000). Its surface area is 178.9 km², making it the 101st city. Located in the desert of the Great Basin, Reno is the second largest gambling city in Nevada after Las Vegas. The nickname for Reno is “The Biggest Little City in the World”. In practice, Reno forms a single urban agglomeration with its neighbor Sparks, with a population of 80,000. It is the second largest conurbation in the state of Nevada, after Las Vegas to the south and ahead of the capital, Carson City.

Economy, Tourism and Amenities

Most casinos are located downtown, although in recent decades casinos such as Atlantis, the Peppermill and Nugget Casino Resort (formerly John Ascuaga’s Golden Nugget) have been built on the outskirts of the city. Reno-based International Game Technology (IGT) is the world’s largest producer of slot machines and casino software.

In addition to the gambling and entertainment industry, Reno has also focused on developing the software sector and attracting logistics activity. Currently, some 120 software companies are based in Reno, including Microsoft Licensing. Many retail and Internet companies, such as, have established their West Coast and California-focused distribution centers in Reno, taking advantage of the region’s favorable tax environment and central location. Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) is a hub in the Southwest Airlines network.

Reno presents itself as a city where outdoor sports can be practiced. The city is located at an altitude of 1400 meters in a valley between the mountains, of which Mount Rose is the highest at 3285 m. The Truckee River flows right through downtown. Lake Tahoe, with an area of ​​497 km², is a half-hour drive from Reno. The lake and the surrounding area allow for sports such as skiing, sailing, wild river rafting, mountain biking, diving, hiking and mountaineering, as well as a day at the beach on the lake shore.

About six million visitors come to Reno every year. This area and the large number of visitors allow a high level of public and cultural facilities. For example, in addition to the casinos and their shows, Reno has a philharmonic orchestra, an opera and is home to the Nevada Museum of Modern Art. This is how Reno owes its name “Biggest Little City in the World”.


11.4% of the population is older than 65 and 32.6% consists of single -person households. Unemployment stands at 3.3 % (2000 census figures).

About 19.2% of Reno’s population is Hispanic and Hispanic, 2.6% of African origin and 5.3% of Asian origin.

The number of inhabitants increased from 134,747 in 1990 to 180,480 in 2000 and is estimated at 210,225 in 2006.


In January the average temperature is 6 °C, in July it is 33.0 °C. Annual average precipitation is 191.3 mm (data based on the measurement period 1961-1990). Reno has more than 300 sunny days a year. There is more snow than rain.


Since May 2006, there has been an independent baseball team in the city: Reno Silver Sox. This team is one of six teams from the independent Golden Baseball League. In April 2009, the Reno Aces also came to town. This ‘triple A’ team plays in a stadium built downtown.

In August, the American golf circuit, the PGA Tour, has its regular stop for the Legends Reno-Tahoe Open. This tournament is played on the course of the Montreux Golf & Country Club.

Every year in September the famous Reno Air Race takes place. Aircraft in various classes (including jets) race against each other. It is known as the world’s fastest motorsport, reaching speeds of over 800 km per hour.

Burning Man

Every year at the end of summer, the Burning Man festival takes place in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno. A festival is held here for a week, in which personal development, love and peace and the experience and sharing thereof are central. People come from all over the world, especially California, to this ‘hippie’-esque festival. In a few weeks, a complete city in the middle of the desert is built for 50,000 people. At the end of each year, everything is demolished and nothing remains, under the motto ‘leave no trace behind’.

Nearby places

The figure below shows nearby places within a 20 km radius around Reno.


Lemmon Valley-Golden Valley (15 km)

Spanish Springs (18 km)

Sparks (8 km)

Sun Valley (9km)

Verdi-Mogul (12 km)


  • The Reno 911 series! takes place in Reno.

Born in Reno

  • Paul Laxalt (1922-2018), politician
  • Dawn Wells (1938-2020), actress
  • Curtis Hanson (1945-2016), film director
  • Chris Browning (1964), actor
  • Kristoffer Polaha (1977), actor
  • Shannon Bahrke (1980), freestyle skier
  • Sam Minaie (1983), jazz singer
  • Scotty Bahrke (1985), freestyle skier
  • David Wise (1990), freestyle skier
  • Michael Weiss (1991), swimmer

Reno, Nevada