What does Abdomen Stand for?

The word abdomen originates from the Latin abdomen and refers to the belly. In anatomy, it can refer to the body cavity of vertebrates, which, in mammals, is limited by the diaphragm. Furthermore, the term can refer to a set of viscera.

The abdomen is the part of the body that lies between the chest and pelvis. The diaphragm is the organ that separates the abdominal cavity from the thoracic cavity. As for the viscera, most of those found in the abdominal cavity belong to the digestive system. On the other hand, in invertebrate animals, such as insects, the abdomen is the region that follows the thorax.

At a general level, the notion of abdomen is used when speaking of a person with a sculpted physique, either because he exercises frequently or because he enjoys such a metabolism and complexion that they allow him to keep fit without having to exert himself. When, instead, you want to name adiposity, fatness or a prominent belly, more or less colloquial synonyms are used, such as “belly”, and its use can be both friendly and hurtful, depending on the context.

Having a flat and marked abdomen is the dream of many people, although not everyone is willing to achieve it through constant work. The desire for a perfect body is a regrettable constant in a large part of the population and the reasons are as diverse as the way in which each individual lives it. First, the mass media convey this need through the celebrities whose images pass necessarily through a series of adjustments and filters that make them more slender, correct skin blemishes and give them an admittedly artificial appearance, impossible to achieve in reality.

Even the stars who deny this phenomenon see their photos retouched. And of all the goals necessary to achieve aesthetic perfection, thinness is probably the most sought after. For this, the market offers endless methods that it labels as infallible, and that they are probably for the manufacturers’ economy. No matter how many times it is said that the secret to showing off a slim figure resides in a balanced and healthy diet and frequent physical exercise; Most people prefer to consume products of dubious origin that threaten their health and their pocket.

However, even those who are willing to exercise can face great disappointments after a while. If instead of buying a food supplement we allow ourselves to be convinced by a device to tone our abdomen with only ten minutes of work a day, it is likely that after a few months we wonder where the results are. This is due to the fact that there are many variables in the long-awaited formula for beauty, and it is necessary to comply with all the requirements to obtain a satisfactory result: good nutrition, adequate exercise for our physical structure and taking into account any muscular or bone problem that Let’s have enough sleep per day, among many other points to keep in mind.

The inflamed abdomen or inflamed belly is a disorder that occurs when the ventral area is larger than normal. It is a common condition due to excess food, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, or unconscious swallowing of air. Abdominal bloating is usually caused by the presence of gas in the intestine, fluid accumulation, or lactose intolerance, for example.

The acute abdomen, on the other hand, is an intra-abdominal pathological process that causes pain, has a systemic repercussion and requires rapid diagnosis and treatment. Complicated acute appendicitis, for example, is one of these processes and requires surgical treatment.