What does Abduction Stand for?

The concept of abduction originates from the Latin abductio and describes the phenomenon thanks to which an organ or a part of the body structure distances itself from the median plane, which imaginary divides a body into two fragments of a symmetrical nature. It is a transverse orientation displacement.

In this sense, it must be said that the movement that opposes abduction is adduction, a phenomenon that takes place when some portion of the body approaches its plane of symmetry.

For philosophy, an abductive type of reasoning is a syllogism in which the major premise is evident, while the minor is not as evident or only probable. Therefore, the conclusion that emerges from that structure has an identical level of probability with respect to the minor premise. To cite a specific example: “All pencils in bag X are black” / “These pencils are black” / “These pencils come from bag X”.

Probably, most people associate the term with the hypothetical kidnapping of members of our species by extraterrestrial beings. In general, those who assure that they have been captured in these conditions affirm that they have been subjected to various kinds of experiments inside habitats or spaceships.

This atypical situation, never proven by science, generates an episode of loss of consciousness or amnesia, since those involved state that contact with the creatures lasted for an extended period, although they do not manage to remember too much or provide details about it. Ufologists consider that, from hypnosis, it is possible to make the protagonists reconstruct those moments with greater clarity.

Supposedly, abductions also pursue the objective of implanting certain elements in the body of those captured. It is said that these implants extraterrestrial have similar characteristics to those with chips created by man.

The story of Betty and Barney Hill

While there are numerous stories recounting abductions by extraterrestrial beings, none has received as much attention as the case of Betty and Barney Hill, an American couple who claimed to have had contact with interplanetary visitors in the early 1960s. So much so, that a film was made about it, The UFO Incident.

Gathering the available information, this couple is known to have been driving down the road at night when they noticed an object in the sky exhibiting a rather strange movement pattern. Eventually, the gigantic saucer landed in front of them, forcing them to stop. The alleged crew members of the ship were humanoid beings who, unsurprisingly, had learned English. In principle, the Hills did not remember being forced into anything, since in their first version of the events they were able to escape from the place and return to their home.

The hours that followed the event were very confusing for both of them. Betty decided to make a report, although many details were kept to avoid doubting her sanity. Later, due to recurring nightmares that prevented them from continuing their lives normally, they agreed to interviews and hypnosis sessions, to try to reconstruct the story that, until then, they remembered in disconnected parts.

The fury of alien experiences faded around the mid-1990s, although for some people it represents the most exciting and intriguing topic in the world. Unfortunately, as with astrology and the afterlife, it is impossible to determine the veracity of these stories, since the human being tends to pursue money and attention at any price.