What does Apology Stand for?

Apology, as a modern and everyday concept, means the praise or praise of something.

Today the best known apology is the apology of crime on social networks for the famous case of Martín Juárez that, in October 2015, caused through his Facebook profile crimes and crimes with photographs, videos and comments.

The most famous apology in philosophy is that written by Plato in 399 BC. of C., called Socrates ApologApology, in this context, comes from the conjugation of the Greek apo and logos that means ‘intelligent reasoning’ or ‘defense’.

Apology in English is translated as apology, which means ‘sorry’, ‘apologies’.

The crime apology

The apology of the crime is a conduct punishable by Criminal Law in several countries. It means the defense or praise of a crime or crime. The limits of the law in relation to freedom of expression are questioned.

Socrates Apology

The Socrates Apology is a transcript of the dialogues, written by Plato, where Socrates maintains his death sentence with the court in Athens in 399 BC. of C. for emancipating Athenian youth.

In the Socrates Apology, Socrates does not defend himself in court. He develops through his speech one of the concepts that characterizes Socrates in our time: “I only know that I know nothing.”