What does Artist Stand for?

Artist is the person who makes or practices art, either by innate talent or professionally.

Artist derives from the Latin ars or artis that indicates the ability to do something together with the suffix – ista that indicates a profession or trade.

An artist can be referred to in the following four contexts:

  • someone who practices professionally or has academic qualification in an area of ​​fine arts such as music, painting, sculpture, dance or poetry.
  • who works in the show area
  • Talented person to create artistic works
  • person who shows a special skill in a craft activity, such as a chef or a goldsmith.

Artists are characterized by having learned skills in art and their techniques for creating practical applications. Artists were considered opposed to the scientia or science that indicated knowledge without practical application.

In the fourteenth century, the artists were those students and specialized artisans who exercised the 7 liberal arts which included: grammar, rhetoric, dialectics, arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy.

Today, the artist is associated with the creation of all types of art, that is, the representation of emotions and feelings through different means and languages ​​for aesthetic purposes. The concept of artist refers especially to those in the area of ​​visual arts.

The inspiration of an artist is one of the skills that must be learned to exercise the activity. Every artist must take the inspiration delivered by emotions, about something or someone, and get to use the precepts, rules and techniques that allow them to be applied in a practical way.