What does ASICS Stand for?

The Japanese sports brand ASICS is the leading brand in the field of running shoes. ASICS not only inspires amateur athletes but also well-known professional athletes. In addition to shoes, the company also sells clothing. In addition to the huge selection of running shoes, ASICS also offers shoes for football and tennis. ASICS shoes are suitable for men, women and children. ASICS does not have its own line of shoes or clothing for babies. You can find good and cheap offers for new ASICS shoes for women and ASICS shoes for men in the online shop, in the outlet and in the ASICS shoes sale. Take a look at the reviews of ASICS shoes and then decide to buy ASICS shoes cheaply in the online shop or partially reduced in the ASICS shoes sale.

The transformation from Onitsuka Tiger to ASICS

The global Japanese sports brand ASICS was founded in 1949 under the name Onitsuka Tiger in Köbe, Japan. In Germany, ASICS has a company headquarters in Neuss. ASICS has specialized in making running shoes over the years. The first shoe that was manufactured in 1949, the year it was founded, was a basketball shoe. In 1977 there was a merger between ASICS and two other sports companies.

On this occasion, the former company name Onitsuka Tiger was changed to the current name ASICS. The letters of the brand name stand for a Latin saying: “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano”. This basically means that a healthy soul lives in a healthy body. ASICS Corporation currently has 14 Japanese and nine foreign subsidiaries.

Shoes from the running specialist

ASICS women’s shoes and ASICS men’s shoes, like the models for boys and girls, have the typical features of ASICS shoes: the tiger stripes and the ∂ from the brand name. ASICS shoes are solely for sport and there are no ASICS shoes for women with rhinestones or heels. ASICS shoes for women and ASICS shoes for men are mostly waterproof and the sports shoes are available in many bright colors such as white, black, pink, neon, red, turquoise, gray and blue. ASICS has specialized in making and perfecting running shoes over the years. Check wholevehicles for definitions of kid’s shoes.

But the product portfolio also includes ASICS women’s shoes and ASICS men’s shoes for the following sports:

  • handball
  • volleyball
  • football
  • tennis
  • rugby
  • indoor sports
  • fitness

ASICS shoes for men and ASICS women’s shoes are very popular due to their high level of comfort during sports, their great stability and the excellent feeling when jogging.

Company ASICS Corporation
Head office Japan
Founded 1949
Products Sports shoes, clothing, socks and much more.

Advantages and disadvantages of ASICS shoes

  • large selection of colors
  • specializing in sports shoes
  • comfortable to wear
  • less suitable for elegant occasions

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