What does Bally Stand for?

Bally shoes for women and Bally shoes for men and children, that is chic and traditional cheap footwear from Switzerland. The affordable shoe manufacturer was founded in Switzerland 150 years ago and has since made a name for itself as a manufacturer of affordable Bally women’s shoes. But there are also Bally shoes for men and children on offer. Bally shoes for women and the trendy Bally shoes for men and children can be bought cheaply in both classic and fashionable styles. For example, you can buy inexpensive men’s shoes in the Bally Shop as inexpensive classic lace-ups or as sneakers. Cheap Bally shoes for men, women and children are also available cheaply in the outlet. Buy Bally shoes online? That is also possible!

Shop Bally women’s and men’s shoes at bargain prices

Bally women’s shoes and Bally men’s shoes are particularly cheap on sale. In the Bally shoes sale it is worthwhile to compare prices and to make a bargain by comparing prices. However, you can also order cheap Bally shoes on account on the Internet. New Bally shoes are not just good shoes, they are probably the best Swiss footwear offers for men, women and children who are looking for the perfect quality footwear that can be bought so cheaply in Germany. Check wholevehicles for definitions of thong sandals.

New Bally shoes as an expression of good taste

New Bally shoes, whether with heels or flat, with rhinestones or unadorned, are undoubtedly not only cheap and robust, but always an expression of good taste. New Bally shoes for

  • Men,
  • Women and
  • Children

are available cheaply in the fashionable colors black, white, brown, gray, blue, pink, turquoise and red. Whether boys or men, whether babies or adult women, new Bally shoes, bought cheaply in the sale, are among the particularly perfect examples of stylish Shoe fashion. New Bally shoes, bought at reduced prices or even bought cheaply in the outlet, are therefore particularly popular. In the sale you buy your Bally shoes cheaply because they are usually available at reduced prices.

Company Bally
Head office Switzerland
Founded 1851
Products Shoes, gloves, belts, scarves and much more.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bally shoes

  • Pretty tough
  • Noble design
  • Extensive range
  • Purchase price

Cheap new Bally shoes for men, women and children: durable and fashionable

Inexpensive new Bally shoes for men, women and children are not only considered to be particularly fashionable, but above all to be durable. There are cheap or discounted new Bally shoes for men, women and children in many models and designs. In the Bally shoes sale, for example, there are cheap or reduced snow boots for the winter, cheap sneakers or reduced moccasins.

Women, men and children will definitely find what they are looking for in the sale and can buy Bally shoes at reduced prices. Buying Bally shoes is now practically possible in many Bally shops around the world. Bally men’s shoes are not only recommended as a companion to jeans and for leisure time.

Inexpensive Bally men’s shoes also look good in the office or on official occasions. Buying cheap Bally shoes for women and children is especially worthwhile today. Bally women’s shoes, but also cheap Bally shoes for children, are available, for example, in grained and thick leather that is still butter-soft to the touch.

The hiking shoe – features and special features

Hiking shoes are intended for hikes of moderate length as well as for day trips and are equipped with a cushioning sole with a sufficient profile for guaranteed surefootedness. This distinguishes them from normal casual shoes and makes them suitable for off-road use. However, carrying loads should not exceed the weight of a daypack, as otherwise the cushioning is no longer sufficient and a different type of shoe from the outdoor shoe division should be used.

Depending on the model and area of ​​use, hiking shoes are equipped with either a half-height or a high shaft. Shoes with a low shaft are rarely offered. Overall, the hiking shoe lies very lightly on the foot and is not as rigid as a classic hiking boot. If a shaft is ankle high or higher, it is usually padded in this area to support and protect the ankle. Penetration of rubbish or small particles is avoided by the height.

The material of choice should be based on the area of ​​use and the time of use: models made of leather are characterized by their durability and robustness, but are heavier and more demanding to care for than shoes made of synthetic materials. In addition to nubuck leather, suede is also popular, but suede is also sometimes used. Mixtures of materials made of mesh, textiles and synthetic can also be found. The synthetic shoes are particularly light and airier and therefore ideal for summer or regions with hot climates. The interior material can also be made from

  • Leather,
  • Textile,
  • Synthetic or
  • Foam

be made. Models with a membrane are waterproof and can also be used in cold and humid weather.

Tip! It is important to buy the right socks when buying a model with a membrane, as socks made of cotton counteract the sophisticated technology of the membrane and absorb water. Special hiking socks made of wool or synthetic fibers are better here.

Bally Shoes