What does Belmondo Stand for?

The fashion label Belmondo has existed since 1980 as a subsidiary of Germany-based Ludwig Götz GmbH. Today the fashion label is an independent brand and has established itself on the international fashion and shoe market. In addition to the shoe collection, Belmondo’s product portfolio also includes bags, sunglasses, small leather goods and belts. The Belmondo shoes for women and Belmondo shoes for men are characterized by their Italian-inspired design and high quality. Belmondo shoes are available in many shoe shops and in numerous online shops on the Internet. In the Belmondo Shoes Sale, new Belmondo shoes can be ordered cheaply and in some cases at a reduced price.

Belmondo – German brand with Italian design

The Belmondo brand was founded in 1980 as a subsidiary of Ludwig Görtz GmbH and is now an independent brand in the fashion and shoe market. Over the years the Belmondo brand has expanded so that it is currently present with its products in over 20 countries. The fashion label Belmondo stands for shoes with German quality and Italian-inspired design.

This is particularly reflected in the high-quality Belmondo shoes for women and Belmondo shoes for men. In addition to Belmondo women’s shoes and Belmondo men’s shoes, the brand’s product portfolio also includes accessories such as

  • Sunglasses,
  • Bags,
  • Belt and
  • Small leather goods.

Belmondo does not have a fashion and shoe collection for children or babies.

Belmondo shoes for women – the shoes with that certain something

Both women and men get their money’s worth at Belmondo. Because the Belmondo shoes women and Belmondo shoes men models appeal to a wide audience. Belmondo shoes are ideal for the office, for everyday life or for special occasions. Check wholevehicles for definitions of trekking sandals. The following types of shoes are available for women:

  • casual and comfortable sneakersfor everyday life
  • chic and elegant pumps with and without heels for the office or for a special occasion
  • summer sandalswith and without rhinestones for warm nights
  • lined and robust bootsfor the cold days

The lace-ups, loafers and casual shoes for men round off the Belmondo shoe range.

All Belmondo women’s shoes and Belmondo men’s shoes were created inspired by the latest trends. The fashion label relies primarily on good, high-quality materials such as leather to ensure the wearer the best possible wearing comfort.

Company Belmondo
Head office Germany
Founded 1875
Products Shoes, bags, accessories and much more.

Furthermore, Belmondo shoes can be perfectly combined. Due to the rather inconspicuous but meaningful designs of the shoes, they make every dreary outfit an eye-catcher. Typical colors for Belmondo women’s and men’s shoes are:

  • black
  • brown
  • beige
  • gray
  • pastel shades

Advantages and disadvantages of Belmondo shoes

  • high quality
  • large selection
  • available in many colors
  • no shoes for babies and children

Order new Belmondo shoes at low prices

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