What does Belstaff Stand for?

The Belstaff brand offers high-quality clothing, handbags and shoes for women and men. The company also sells these via its own Belstaff online shop. The clear structure of the Belstaff online shop is very helpful when ordering shoes. The label is best known for its high-quality leather shoes with outstanding workmanship.

Shop for designer shoes at Belstaff

In Ireland, the United States and the United Kingdom, customers can conveniently purchase Belstaff clothing and shoes locally. There are numerous branches here. There is even a handy store locator available on the Belstaff website. Thanks to this tool, fashion-conscious customers can find Belstaff in their own area. The German customers, on the other hand, have to switch to other local sales partners.

Belstaff also enables its customers to shop on the Internet. The cheap shipping of shoes is just one of the many advantages. After all, the entire Belstaff collection is available here. However, Belstaff customers cannot order by app or phone.

The offer in the Belstaff online shop

The German Belstaff online shop offers the brand’s complete range of products from fashion to accessories. In addition to clothing for women and men, customers can especially order fine leather handbags online from the Belstaff online shop. Belstaff shoes are particularly popular with people with a penchant for unique leather shoes. Check wholevehicles for definitions of sports sandals.

The brand, founded in 1924, covers the following product areas in the upper price segment :

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s shoes
  • Men’s shoes
  • Handbags & bags
  • accessories

Belstaff branches & stores

There are currently no Belstaff branches in Germany.

Contacts and contact points

Addresses Contact
Customer service Headquarters
Belstaff Group SA
Via Industria 1
6987 Caslano
Belstaff customer service website


[email protected]

phone number

0800 664 6377

Press office Email

[email protected]

Which shoe goes well with different dresses or skirts?

Dresses and skirts are always great choices for a stylish outfit. With the right shoes, you can influence the impression of a dress or skirt in such a way that you can wear one outfit on many different occasions. You can find inspiration in the following overview:

Style of dress or skirt Matching shoes
Mini dress · Flat shoes like brogues or ballerinas are ideal for long legs· Heel shoes visually enlarge small women
Midi dress · Many different types of shoes fit here:· Canvas sneakers support the retro look

· Simple ballerinas, espadrilles, heel sandals, kitten heels, flat mules and slingback pumps also go well

· In the cold season, boots also go well with these clothes

Maxi dress · The retro chic of maxi dresses is emphasized, for example, by flat leather sandals with lacing or mules with playful details· Wedge sandals or platform mules can also make maxi dresses look larger
Shift dress · Elegant shoes such as Mary Jane pumps go well with business meetings or dinner invitations· With sporty sneakers, shift clothes are suitable for everyday use
Shirt dress · A shirt dress can be worn on many occasions with the right shoes:· Elegant pumps upgrade the dresses for formal occasions

· Platform lace-ups or sneakers create a cool look

· In autumn and winter, different boot shapes can easily be combined with these dresses

Wrap dress · Comfortable summer shoes such as espadrilles and wedge sandals support the casual look· You can achieve a sporty outfit with sneakers

· Boots or overknees are reminiscent of the hippie era

Evening dress · It is particularly important to take a look at the length of the skirt part – a floor-length skirt should stay floor-length· For formal occasions, you should pay attention to the dress code:

· if a “black tie” is required, you are right with closed pumps or strappy shoes with a six centimeter heel closed to the front.

· With the dress code “White Tie” you should wear closed pumps with four to seven centimeters heels in a color that matches the dress.

What men should consider when choosing the right shoes

As a man, too, you should pay a little attention to choosing the right shoes. You can easily change and customize your outfit by making the right choice. In particular, pay attention to the following things:

  • With sports shoes, you can make elegant clothing casual and sporty and thus suitable for everyday use.
  • Summer shoes such as loafers and boat shoes go well with rolled up or short pants. Linen clothing also goes well with such shoes.
  • Boots go with almost all outfits. However, they are not ideal for shorts or formal occasions.
  • Above all, pay attention to the combination with your belt. In general, belts and shoes should be similar in style, color and material.
  • Also consider the choice of socks. For formal occasions, you should go for simple black or gray models. On other occasions, you can definitely opt for colorful variants. With sandals, on the other hand, you should completely avoid socks.

Conclusion – shoes largely influence the style of an outfit

By choosing the right shoes you can easily change the impression of an outfit with the previous tips. Make sure you choose the right materials, colors and other accessories. So you can get a versatile use out of your wardrobe for a wide variety of occasions.

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