What does Ben Sherman Stand for?

Ben Sherman was the founder of the English clothing brand of the same name. Ben Sherman has since passed away, but the fashion is still available at the Ben Sherman online shop. The Ben Sherman Online Shop range includes clothing, shoes and accessories for men with strong character. These are available online in the upper price segment and in numerous branches of the label.

Male fashion customers can buy Ben Sherman shoes at one of the two German branches, for example. These are located in Berlin and Cologne. In addition, you can shop for shoes at the Ben Sherman Outlets in Neumünster and Ingolstadt at particularly low prices.

The Ben Sherman Online Shop offers inexpensive shipping of the entire collection line. After placing an order on the Internet, customers can also pick up the new shoes at one of the Ben Sherman branches. It is currently not possible to accept orders by app or phone.

The range of Ben Sherman shoes in the online shop

The Ben Sherman online shop offers timeless classic shoes, fashion and clothing for men between the ages of 20 and 60. Shoes and accessories in particular are often on sale in the Ben Sherman online shop. Check wholevehicles for definitions of sandals.

In the shop’s sale area, customers can order some fashion bargains online. The Ben Sherman range is as follows:

  • Shirts
  • Clothing
  • Tailoring
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Sale

Ben Sherman branches & stores

The brand operates two German Ben Sherman branches and two outlet stores.

List of the largest Ben Sherman branches in Germany

Berlin Ingolstadt Cologne Neumunster

Contacts and contact points

Addresses Contact
Customer service Head Office
Ben Sherman Group Limited
20 Portadown Road
County Armagh BT66 8REMain business address
Ben Sherman Group Limited
2 Eyre Street Hill
London EC1R 5ETVAT number GB 575 5627 06.
Ben Sherman customer service website


[email protected]

Shoes are an important part of any outfit. You can underline the style of clothing or set an extravagant accent with a break in style. But which shoes go with which items of clothing and how do different types of shoes affect the look of an outfit? Which shoes go well with skirts and dresses? And which shoe shape is ideal for different pants? Which shoes underline your personal style and figure? Here you will find important tips and tricks for your ideal combinations.

Basic tips when choosing the right shoes for your outfit

Choosing the right shoes affects both women and men. With a larger selection of outfit and shoe types, women have more options to optically vary the outfit. But men should also pay attention to a harmonious combination when choosing the right shoes. The following tips can give both women and men a framework for orientation:

  • First, pay attention to the occasion for which you want to wear the shoes. Smart shoes should be worn for formal events, and sporty and comfortable shoes for other occasions.
  • The style of an outfit can be underlined with suitable shoes or broken with a contrast, depending on taste and occasion.
  • The same applies to the choice of color. Subtle colors put the outfit in the foreground. A color contrast, on the other hand, is desirable for color blocking. Here bright colors create an optical eye-catcher.
  • In the case of a light-colored shoe sole, the view is drawn downwards. If you are rather smaller, you can compensate for this effect with bright or colorful tops.
  • Pumps and ballerinas visually lengthen women’s legs.
  • If, on the other hand, there is a strap on the shoe, the leg is visually shortened.
  • The leg is visually stretched when the ankle can be seen in flat shoes.

Which shoes can women wear with different pants?

When choosing the right shoe for a pair of trousers, you as a woman should keep an eye on what effect you want to achieve. In general, filigree shoes with a heel look particularly good with wide trousers. A heavy shoe, on the other hand, works well with narrow pants. Further information on the combination of individual trouser and shoe shapes is given in the following table:

Pants shape Matching shoes
Skinny jeans · Heel shoes such as pumps· Flat shoes such as strappy sandals

· Equestrian style boots or over the knee boots

Flared pants · platform shoes· High heels

· Bell bottoms of jeans can well with coarser shoes such as Wedge shoes are combined

· With finer trouser materials, you should opt for more elegant shoes such as ankle boots with thin soles

· If you are tall or have long legs, flat sandals and Chelsea boots also work very well

· For small women, ankle-length bell-bottoms, so-called “cropped flares”, are ideal together with flat shoes such as loafers, ballerinas or sneakers

Boyfriend jeans · High heels create a feminine contrast· Flat shoes such as loafers, slippers and derby shoes underline the masculine look
Paperbag pants · Extravagant pumps look particularly classy· If you don’t like heels, ballerinas are perfect here
Palazzo pants / Marlene pants · Perfect with high heels· Flat shoes look ideal if they are narrow or pointed
Cigarette pants · Simple and elegant in combination with ballerinas· Particularly elegant with high heels

· Sneakers or derby shoes look sporty and casual

Ben Sherman Shoes