What does Blackstone Stand for?

Blackstone shoes are the epitome of Dutch casualness and are ideal for the sporty, relaxed leisure look, but can also be easily styled for more festive occasions. The product portfolio includes shoes for both women and men and stands for stable, robust shoes with a special twist. The design creates a successful balance between classic shoemaking craftsmanship and modern influences. A collection for children and babies has not yet been included in the range, which is why the shoes are only available in standard adult sizes and sometimes in oversizes.

New Blackstone shoes – the brand at a glance

Johan Adam de Bruijn, like his father, worked in the leather industry before founding a shoe company which he later ran with his sons Dick and Wim and which he called Johan Adam de Bruijn & Sons.

After de Bruijn withdrew from the business, Dick and Wim founded their own label called Blackstone, which with its fashionable shoes from the casual wear segment was able to quickly gain a permanent place in the European shoe market and which is now managed internationally. Belong to the product portfolio

  • Slip-ons
  • Boots
  • Sneaker
  • Sandals
  • Ankle bootsand boots
  • Lace-up shoes

The label thus offers shoes for every season; Thanks to the properties of the leather, the high Blackstone shoes are particularly favorable for the cold and wet season. Check wholevehicles for definitions of slippers.

Blackstone shoes for women – feminine with rough edges

Blackstone women’s shoes are feminine and yet edgy and give every outfit its own touch. You will look in vain for playful models with rhinestones and flowers – instead you will find rough boots with wide decorative buckles, sandals with heels and casual sneakers. The preferred material is leather in all its facets and in a wide variety of colors.

Tip! Muted tones such as brown, black and gray as well as turquoise, red, pink, blue and yellow can be found in the sneakers. White, wide soles enhance the sporty impression. Since the shoes are available from size 36, they are also inexpensive for young women and ladies with small feet.

Company Blackstone
Head office Netherlands
Founded 1992
Products high quality shoes for women, men and children

Blackstone shoes for men – dignified and special

Blackstone men’s shoes are for fashion-conscious men who enjoy beautiful shoes and who appreciate excellent craftsmanship and good materials. The leather is soft and supple and, depending on the model, richly decorated. The shoe types range from tough western booties to elegant lace-up shoes and relaxed sneakers. Depending on the shoe, the models are made for men up to size 51 and are therefore also considered to be the best shoes for oversized men.

Pros and cons of Blackstone shoes

  • ideal for leisure activities
  • sporty design
  • high wearing comfort
  • price

Buy Blackstone shoes – good deals in the Blackstone shoes sale

You can buy Blackstone shoes at reduced prices either on the occasion of a sale, which usually takes place at the end of the season, or you can visit an outlet that carries shoes from the brand. Here the articles are permanently reduced and particularly cheap. But good prices are not only found in retail stores in Germany – you can also shop cheaply online thanks to price comparisons.

You can order Blackstone shoes online in the clearly arranged Blackstone Shop, or from other popular sellers, where you can also buy new Blackstone shoes on account.

Large sizes? He who seeks finds

Anyone who thinks that large sizes are not offered cheaply is mistaken. Men wore their first pumps as early as the 17th century and today it is thanks to the travesty artists (men in women’s clothing) that women with large feet can also buy chic pumps.

  • Standard: size 36 to 41/42
  • Mini: from size 34
  • Big: up to size 46

Tip! The selection of shoe sizes is really enormous and actually covers every woman’s foot. Men up to size 46 will quickly find what they are looking for, unfortunately even larger sizes often have to be ordered and made first. However, it is often possible to order small changes as well.

The variety of pumps that are offered for sale is really huge. Hardly any shoe is produced in such a variety. Pumps are also suitable for almost any occasion, as long as the shoe matches the outfit and the right color is chosen. Another benefit is shipping. If several models are ordered at the same time, savings can often be made on shipping. The minimum order value for this is not very high, so it should be carefully considered whether instead of one pair, three pairs go into the shopping basket.

Blackstone Shoes