What does Brooks Stand for?

Brooks shoes are considered by the running community to be the best shoes for popular jogging and are made for women and men. In addition to sports shoes, the Brooks label also produces clothing for athletes and has specialized entirely in the needs and requirements of runners. In addition to innovative shoe technologies, the creative minds of the label also attach great importance to presenting new Brooks shoes in a modern and fresh design.

New Brooks shoes – the label at a glance

Brooks is a brand owned by Brooks Sport Corporation, which is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The European market as well as the markets in Africa and the Middle East are supplied by the subsidiary Brooks Sports GmbH based in Germany. While the label initially only produced shoes, the range was expanded to include running clothing in 1997. Brooks Sports has been a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway since 2006.

The current product portfolio includes

  • Sports shoesfor women
  • Sports shoesfor men
  • Accessories such as hats, wrist warmers, gloves and socks
  • Jackets
  • Running pants
  • Sports bras
  • Tops

Since they are available from size 35.5, Brooks shoes are cheap for older girls and boys. However, a separate line for children and babies has not yet been added to the range.

Company Brooks
Head office Washington
Founded 1914
Products Shoes, sportswear, socks and much more.

Brooks shoes for women – fashion for the running route

Brooks women’s shoes are intended for running only; therefore there are neither models with heels nor shoes with rhinestones or other applications. Nevertheless, the colorful models in pink, turquoise, red, blue and white convince with their modern and fresh design, which can be extremely feminine despite all the functionality.┬áCheck wholevehicles for definitions of pumps.

Tip! Brooks shoes are very comfortable and guarantee an optimal fit thanks to their different widths. The Extra Wide 2 E is particularly favorable for women with very strong feet. The arch of the foot is also taken into account with the appropriate shoe.

Brooks shoes for men – run in style

Brooks men’s shoes do what shoes should do from a discerning running outfitter: They have a good sole, are perfectly adapted to the foot in terms of support level, width, size and heel and impress with their fashionable cut. In addition to the classic colors black, white and gray, there are also lots of bright colors that put you in a good mood.

Brooks shoes are also inexpensive for men with large feet, as they are available up to shoe size 50. In the sale, oversize shoes are often reduced and are therefore particularly cheap to get.

Pros and cons of Brooks shoes

  • ideal for running sports
  • also available in large and small sizes
  • available in many colors
  • only sports shoes in the range

Buy Brooks shoes – everything from a single source

Brooks is a brand where you can buy not just shoes, but all of your running gear. The prices for new Brooks shoes are between 100 and 170 euros, depending on the model, and are therefore not necessarily cheap even in direct price comparisons with other sports shoe providers. However, you can buy Brooks shoes at a reduced price, for example in the outlet for sporting goods or on sale. Look out for the local deals for a great bargain.

If you want to order Brooks shoes online, you should make sure that you buy them on account. For the best selection, visit the Brooks Shop on the company’s website.


At this point, be careful in the price comparison: Because the materials used are products of inferior quality that are too cheap. Here very cheap products are provided with dog and cat fur. Buying cheap oxford shoes is possible when you come across an oxford shoes sale at renowned manufacturers. But you should never save on the material, which should contain high-quality leather. With leather, your oxford shoes for men and women look extremely elegant at the same time.


The most important feature of this purchase criterion are the seams. the comparison winner are usually welted shoes. Goodyear-welted Oxford shoes represent the counterpart to glued-frame shoes. This makes the Goodyear-welted Oxford shoes particularly high-quality and visually attractive. In terms of appearance, a welted cap-toe Oxford shoe is a special case. Oxford Cap Toe shoes have the characteristic toe cap seam above the toe, while a Goodyear welted Cap Toe Oxford shoe adds the side seam on the frame to the overall picture: Modern and elegant in one!

Which famous Oxford shoes brands are there?

  • Lloyd
  • Melvin & Hamilton
  • Pike
  • Joop

Each of these brands has its advantages. You can find unusual models such as British retro shoes at Melvin & Hamilton, while Hechter impresses with the combination of several colors. Lloyd looks back on a long history and is interesting for that alone. Joop often has a women’s sale and men’s sale with high-quality models.

Conclusion: Oxford shoes are a must for the shoe cabinet!

You definitely can’t go wrong with the Oxford shoes. It is advisable – if you do not have one yet – to purchase men’s Oxford shoes or women’s Oxford shoes. This shoe is an impressive all-rounder.

Brooks Shoes