What does Buffalo Stand for?

The Buffalo brand belongs to Buffalo Boots GmbH, which manufactures shoes for men and women. The German company also became known outside of Germany in the 1990s when it launched sneakers with platform soles and, with these new Buffalo shoes, became an integral part of trendy outfits in various youth scenes, especially in the techno and rave scene. Today Buffalo Boots GmbH specializes in the production of high-quality women’s shoes, but continues to offer shoes for men and a few for children and the popular Buffalo shoes with platform soles.┬áCheck wholevehicles for definitions of footwear shoes.

The Buffalo brand and Buffalo Boots GmbH

Buffalo Boots GmbH was founded in 1979 by Michael Conradi and initially limited itself to the import and sale of western boots. The cowboy boots enjoyed great popularity in the youth scene and the company began producing its own items, such as the Buffalo boot. This boot, which looks like a sneaker, had a flat sole, was especially popular with white leather and was worn with extra-long laces that were wrapped around the upper part of the shoe. The Buffalo boots were primarily made for men, but the range was expanded to include Buffalo shoes for women as early as the 1980s. The international breakthrough came when Buffalo Boots GmbH launched its sneakers with platform soles and these became an absolute cult object.

Today, the company, with headquarters in Hochheim am Main, runs the Buffalo London and Buffalo Girl lines in addition to the Buffalo umbrella brand. With the Buffalo London line, exclusive shoe models are presented that are of particularly high quality, while the Buffalo Girl line also enables young and price-conscious buyers to buy Buffalo shoes cheaply, even apart from the Buffalo shoe sale.

The company’s current product portfolio includes:

  • Women’s shoes
  • Men’s shoes
  • Shoulder bags
  • Clutches
  • Leather bags

The Buffalo Classics – Buy new Buffalo shoes in the style of the 1990s

The typical Buffalo Boots GmbH sneakers with platform soles were an absolute bestseller in the 1990s and are still considered a cult shoe that should not be missing at any rave or techno party. The plateau models, which were then made with a sole known as a cloud sole with special patterns on the sides and underside, are still sold today under the name Buffalo Classics. Other designs, such as the Tower shoes with a smooth, continuous platform sole with an above-average heel height, can still be found in the range today. The Buffalo Classics are designed as unisex shoes and are available in sizes 36 to 46.

Tip! The most common colors are gray, black, pink, white, blue, but models with eye-catching animal prints or geometric patterns are also available.

An ankle-high or half-high shaft can be found as well as models with simple lacing or additional Velcro fasteners. A corrugated outsole improves grip and nubuck leather or a suede insert on the tongue, as well as color contrasts in the shaft and platform sole, make the shoe a real eye-catcher. If you don’t like it that conspicuous, choose the new Buffalo shoe in the classic look, which, however, only has a comparatively narrow platform sole about three centimeters high. In the online shop or in the Buffalo shoes sale you can get cheap Buffalo shoes.

Company Buffalo Boots GmbH
Head office Hochheim am Main (Germany)
Founded 1979
Products Shoes, bags

Buy new Buffalo shoes online in the Buffalo shoes sale – find the best deals on the net

In addition to the option of buying in one of its branches, the company also offers the option of ordering Buffalo shoes online in the company’s own online dShop. Here the collections of Buffalo women’s shoes and Buffalo men’s shoes as well as current offers in the sale, accessories and news are presented in a clear manner. Thanks to the free shipping, ordering is just as cheap as buying it directly in the Buffalo Shop and is a great alternative for all those who don’t have a shop nearby. In the Buffalo Online Sale you can get Buffalo shoes at a reduced price at any time.

Buffalo shoes for women are also being reduced in the sale, making them particularly affordable. Special offers and shopping vouchers are also announced in the online shop. Once the new Buffalo shoes have been found, they can be conveniently bought on account. The payment term of two weeks gives you enough time to check the items and send back any bad purchases.

Buffalo shoes for women – from platform models to elegant shoe fashion

Buffalo offers a wide range of shoes for women and older girls, but not for babies and children. In addition to the unisex shoes, special lines for the fashion-conscious and discerning woman, such as the Buffalo Exclusive range, are presenting high-quality shoes and boots in a trendy design. Buffalo women’s shoes are made in shoe sizes 35 to 43 and the heel height varies between a few centimeters for everyday shoes, eight to ten centimeters for Buffalo Classics and up to sixteen centimeters for party shoes.

The Buffalo women’s shoes of the Buffalo Exclusive range are offered in noble colors such as gold, white, silver, black, gray, nude and pink, while the sandals and sandals as well as the espadrilles come in warm brown or classic black. There are also models with rhinestones and heels. The ballerinas have a playful touch and come in cheerful colors such as red, turquoise and blue, while the pumps and party shoes are particularly seductive thanks to their softly padded leather insole. Popular upper materials are leather or textile as well as synthetic, also for the casual sneakers, elegant low shoes and rustic booties. The ankle boots and boots category includes ankle boots and platform ankle boots as well as overknee boots and flat boots.

Advantages and disadvantages of Buffalo shoes

  • Models for women, men and children in the range
  • different series
  • in-house online shop
  • not exactly cheap

Buffalo shoes for men – Buffalo shoes cheap and stylish

The Buffalo shoes for men surprise with their large selection of different shoe types and styles, which are offered in shoe sizes 39 to 46. The Buffalo men’s shoes are therefore also suitable for older boys. The Dress Shoes category includes elegant business shoes. The colors black and brown dominate here, as well as smooth leather or patent leather.In the casual category, the new Buffalo shoes for men for leisure time are presented in the online shop, including slippers made of suede, moccasins with laces in contrasting colors and eye-catching low shoes with laces. Good summer shoes such as sneakers and sandals in blue, turquoise and cognac round off the range, as do the boots typical of the brand, which are offered with heels of up to four centimeters. While the items are already comparatively cheap in the price comparison, you can often buy the Buffalo shoes for men in the outlet at a significantly reduced price and thus at even lower prices.

Buffalo Shoes