What does Camper Stand for?

Camper is the brand of a Spanish shoe manufacturer that is based in Mallorca and specializes in the production of comfortable shoes that reflect the values ​​of the Mediterranean region and are characterized by comfort, durability and simplicity. In addition to Camper shoes for women, the company also makes men’s shoes and a line for children and is therefore available in all standard shoe sizes. In addition to the Mediterranean influence, Camper is known for its exceptionally expressive and creative models and its eye-catching sole structure.

A brief overview of the Camper company

Founded in Spain in 1975, the Camper company goes back to a family business owned by the Fluxà family based in Malorca, founded in 1877 by Lorenzo Fluxà. The name of the company is the Mallorcan word for farmer and not only shows the connection of the manufacturer with its rural roots and the Mediterranean way of life, but also points to the first Camper model, which was based on the look of the typical footwear of the island farmers in Mallorca.

Camper’s head office is in Inca, a municipality in the Raiguer region, which is primarily known for its excellent shoe and leather craft. There is also a factory shop in Inca, where camper shoes can be purchased at a reduced price and new camper shoes are also presented. The first camper shop on the mainland opened in 1981 in Barcelona and in the 1990s a constant expansion began in major European cities.

In addition to camper shoes for men, women, babies and children, the Spanish label’s product portfolio now also includes the following items:

  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Sunglasses
  • Shoe care sets
  • Socks

The company operates its own online shop where it offers camper shoes for women, men and children, as well as other items.

The new Camper shoes – diversity and integration

The Camper brand should stand for the interpreters of different cultures and also combine modern demands with traditional shoemaking. Particular attention is paid to the balance between functionality and design. Without wanting to commit to a certain style, the company has made a name for itself on the European shoe market with some of its models and continues to generate enthusiasm with its new Camper shoes. As a result, the company offers shoes for every occasion and every spatial situation. A special shoe in the range is the indoor shoe, the wabi, which was made for city dwellers who spend most of the day indoors. This shoe is not only 100% anatomically shaped and ergonomically correct, but thanks to its production process, which has been reduced to four industrial steps, very environmentally friendly and, thanks to its few individual components, easy to recycle. Check wholevehicles for definitions of boots.

But models such as the classic Camaleón, the first shoes from Camper or the Runner, which created the connection between sports shoes and chic casual shoes in 1981, are still available today and make Camper an innovative supplier who sells both classic shoes and futuristic models in the Program and appeals to both women and men with its unique concept – not only in Spain, but also in Germany.

Company camper
Head office Inca (Mallorca)
Founded 1975
Products Shoes, bags, accessories

Buy cheap camper shoes – quality and durability

Camper shoes are not cheap in the price comparison, but are in the middle price segment. Due to their first-class quality and the outstanding art of shoemaking, these shoes are items that are timeless due to their unique design and particularly durable due to the high-quality individual components and, with appropriate care, can look like new years after purchase. By observing anatomical shapes and the natural movement of the feet, shoes are created that are not only beautiful, but also comfortable and healthyare beneficial. So it is quality that pays off. If you want to buy particularly cheaply, you can purchase a cheap model at a reduced price in the Camper Shoes Sale. Whether in the outlet or sale – you will find the best and cheapest offers here. You can buy Camper shoes online on account.

Camper women’s shoes – from stylish to flashy

If you want to buy Camper shoes as a woman, you can choose from a large number of different shoe types and series. What they all have in common is the high quality of the individual components, the first-class workmanship and the very special camper look. In addition to boots, the product range also includes sandals, sneakers and summer shoes. If you like it flat, you can fall back on ballerinas, lace-up shoes or sandals, but also high heels and models with platform solesare run by campers. The models are available from shoe size 35, so that older girls can also find what they are looking for and test their first models with heels. The company does not use any eye-catching applications, such as rhinestones, but Camper’s shoes are still a real eye-catcher. Whether white, pink or red, almost all colors and shapes are represented in the current collections. These can be simple, monochrome models, or pairs in bicolour or tricolor, which are more for the fashionistas.

Tip! You will find great offers in the sale. If you don’t have a camper shop in the immediate vicinity, you can order camper shoes online in the company’s well-stocked shop.

Advantages and disadvantages of camper shoes

  • high product quality
  • unique design
  • ergonomic shape
  • high wearing comfort
  • not exactly cheap

Camper shoes for men – unique shoe fashion with a Mediterranean flair

Camper men’s shoes are characterized by their exceptional wearing comfort and good quality and, due to their different designs, can be styled for a wide variety of looks and occasions. Boots are also offered, as are casual shoes, such as colorful sneakers in turquoise or blue or sandals. Shoes for formal occasions in black or gray round off the Camper range. The design ranges from the classic look to futuristic-looking sneakers with thick soles and contrasting color changes, in which the lacing is complemented with Velcro fasteners. Depending on the model, the shoes have a double rubber sole and are provided with the thick knobs that are so typical for campers.

Tip! In addition to leather in all varieties, such as formal smooth leather or colored suede, as well as eye-catching metallic leather, mixed fabrics made of cotton, other textiles and synthetic fibers are also used.

Urban city fashion and traditional footwear are not a contradiction in terms at Camper, but hybrids of the two styles determine the product range and are a real discovery, especially for fashion-conscious and courageous men and older boys.

Camper shoes