What does Christmas Tree Stand for?

The Christmas tree is a decorative element of great symbolism for the celebration of Christmas.

The Christmas tree is traditionally decorated with a star, colored balls, lights, foam, garlands and bows.

It can be both natural (a coniferous plant that can be an alphabet or a pine), or artificial, in which case it is usually made of plastic or made of synthetic materials that emulate an authentic natural tree.

Its green color and its pointed shape are symbols of the life and love of God, and the lights that adorn it refer us to the mystery of Christmas Eve, when Jesus Christ arrives in the world bringing the light of a new hope.

Also, remember the tree of Paradise, whose fruit Adam and Eve ate, incurring the original sin. In this sense, it also refers to Christ, the promised Messiah to achieve reconciliation.

The tradition of putting Christmas gifts at the foot of the tree for children, whether they are brought by the Magi, Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, is later, and yet has a deep Christian sense, remember that the tree comes from All goods

Christmas tree history

The Christmas tree is considered an adaptation of the tree of life or tree of the universe (known as Yggdrasil), typical of Norse mythology, in which the worldview of the peoples of northern Europe was represented.

This tree was used to celebrate the birth of the sun god and fertility, known as Frey, on dates close to those of our current Christmas.

During the evangelization of Germany, in the eighth century, it is said that St. Boniface, to end the worship of gods who were pagan from the point of view of Christianity, cut the tree and instead put an evergreen pine, which It symbolized the love of God, and adorned it with apples, representing original sin, and candles, symbol of the light of Christ.

Over time, apples and candles would become balls and lights, just like our current Christmas tree.

Christmas tree elements

The Christmas tree is, in general, an evergreen conifer, triangular in shape. It is adorned with some of the following elements.

  • Star:symbolizes the star of Bethlehem, star of the three Magi until Jesus Christ; It is placed on the top of the tree.
  • Balls: they represent the gifts that God gave to men; It is said that initially it had been decorated with apples, as a symbol of the temptations that Christ came to redeem us.
  • Ties, garlands and tinsels:symbols of family union and joy.
  • Lights: they are the representation of the light that Jesus Christ brought to the world with his coming.