What does Circumspect Stand for?

The Latin word circumspectus came to Castilian as circumspect. This adjective is used to name someone who acts with circumspection: that is, with moderation, decorum, solemnity and formality.

For example: “My father-in-law was a circumspect man totally adhering to the rules who was always an example for his entire family”, “I can’t believe that my neighbor, that circumspect and elegant architect, is a criminal who has been on the run for two months from the law “, ” In the new play I play a circumspect and quiet character, with problems to socialize.

Someone circumspect tends to maintain a certain distance from people. These are individuals who act in a very formal manner, respecting traditions and so-called good customs.

In general, the circumspect individual is very reserved, prudent in dealing with his surroundings and with a presence that emanates seriousness from all corners of his body. He is the one who does not say the first thing that comes to mind, but thinks very well before speaking, especially when he is in the middle of a delicate conversation, in which a poorly measured comment could cause a negative reaction in the interlocutor.

A personality of this type leads to a somewhat peculiar interaction with society, since at first glance the individual does not seem to be part of his group, of the conversations that others have around him, although inside the reality is very different, even opposite: while his surroundings drop the words carelessly, he analyzes them, dissects them down to microscopic levels, and in the same way plans his next intervention with great caution.

Beyond a certain personality, no one is circumspect at all times and with all subjects. A teenager can be casual and funny most of the day, but when it comes to talking to his school principal, he becomes circumspect.

In a similar sense, an actor can be funny and approachable when interviewed by the media; However, when a colleague dies, he acquires a circumspect tone that reflects his respect for the deceased and the pain he feels for his physical disappearance.

It can be said, broadly speaking, that circumspection is linked to an adequate compartment and adjusted to the circumstances that require prudence, rectitude or ceremonial. In some cases, if the person is not circumspect, their attitude may be taken as disrespectful.

Precisely, the circumspect person is not characterized by what happens outside of him, by what others can observe, but by all the internal processes that he goes through before acting. Furthermore, it is not so important what you say or do when you finally decide to participate in the activities of your environment, but the result that your actions generate.

Returning to the previous examples, the adolescent who changes his attitude as he is speaking with his friends or with his elders does so to make a good impression, to show his authorities that he respects them, and the same happens with the generally funny actor who knows Douse the spark of your innate humor when you want to accompany the family of a colleague in their pain.

A good way to fully understand the meaning of a word, especially one that is not part of everyday speech, is to take a look at its synonyms. In this case, the list is by no means concise: demure, measured, cautious, reserved, cautious, modest, honest, modest, formal, decorous, calm, serious and solemn are just some of the more common synonyms of the term “circumspect. ».