What does Clamor Stand for?

Clamor is a term that comes from Latin and refers to the cry or the expression that is pronounced with vehemence or vigor. For example: “The son of the victim made his cry heard in the courts”, “The players joined in a cry against the leaders”, “I assure you that my cry will be heard by the authorities”.

A cry is a pitiful voice that reflects affliction, anguish, anguish, or desolation. The term is often used in reference to requests or expressions of victims of tragic events. The mother of a young man killed in a robbery can speak to the media to convey her cry and demand justice.

Along the same lines of clamor as an element linked to sadness, we would have to emphasize that that word is also used to refer to the set of bell tolls that are performed in churches around the world in honor of the death of one or more people from the towns where these temples are.

The public voice, made up of multiple expressions, is also referred to as clamor. In this case, the clamor is the sum of the coinciding opinions of many people. This multiplicity of comments in the same sense makes the claim gain strength and exert social pressure. If 100,000 people demonstrate in a plaza to demand the resignation of a corrupt president, this cry will be very strong for the authorities, who will not be able to ignore it.

Likewise, it should not be overlooked either that clamor is a term that is used in the Huesca area, belonging to the autonomous community of Aragon (Spain), to refer to all that stream that is on earth and that has been formed from virulent and heavy rains.

In the same way, it is also interesting to know that precisely the word we are analyzing is the one that gives the title to the first album that a German band called “Lacrimosa” released on the market. It was in 1990 that he decided to put this album on sale, which consisted of only two songs: “Requiem” and “Seele in Not”.

Another use of the notion of clamor refers to the prayer that is carried out with passion and dedication. The cry can be a prayer that is raised to God or to a higher being, in the hope of being heard: “Oh Lord, collect the cry of your flock and help it to overcome these difficult hours”, “Son, your cries are always heard by God, although his designs cannot be understood by our minds ”.

Another curious fact is that in the capital of Spain, in Madrid, there is a very important place within the cultural and artistic world that receives the name of “Sala Clamores”. In Calle Alburquerque number 14 is specifically where this establishment is located, which has become one of the most significant in the city when it comes to enjoying live music. Thus, important artists from the world of jazz, gospel, flamenco or blues pass through its stage.