What does Clan Stand for?

Clan is a term that comes from the Gaelic clann (“offspring”) which, in turn, has its origin in the Latin plant (“plant”, “bud”). The notion is used to name the group that exhibits an exclusivist tendency and whose members are united by strong ties (often of familiarity).

For example: “The young man was captured by a clan and ended up dedicating himself to drug trafficking”, “We are like a clan that fights for the independence of our homeland”, “The clan war in the African country has left more than 2,000 dead in the last three years ”.

The clan, therefore, implies a group of people united by a certain kinship or ancestry. What is important is the perception they share of being descendants of a common ancestor, even when that ancestor is real or mythological. Although the true lineage is unknown, the members of the clan recognize a certain founder who represents the unity of all.

The shared kinship within a clan, therefore, exceeds biological relationships and can range from marriage to adoption through a fictitious genealogical bond.

It is very frequent that within the colloquial scope the term clan is used to refer to certain families and their members. A clear example of this is the following: “Alba is the last artist of the Flores clan who is willing to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother Lola Flores, her father Antonio or her aunt Rosario.”

The original idea of ​​clan is related to the subgroups of the tribes. The members of these historic clans shared the same living conditions and felt linked to each other by strong solidarity. That is why the clans were groups of warriors to be feared, since each member was willing to give his life for the other on the battlefield.

In addition to all this, we would have to state that in Spain there is a digital television channel for children that has become one of the most followed by the little ones in the house. It is precisely the one called Clan and it must be stressed that it is part of the RTVE group.

Series and cartoons of a very diverse nature, such as “Pocoyo” or “Dora, the explorer”, are some of the most successful broadcasts within this aforementioned channel where it is also strongly committed to the fact that children learn while having fun. Hence, it even has a space called “Let´s clan”, thanks to which notions of English are taught.

Also, within the musical field we would have to highlight the existence of a Spanish group called M-Clan. Within the rock genre is framed that one, whose leader and singer is Carlos Tarque and who has ten albums on the market.

“Carolina”, “Cold Soup” or “Antihéroe” are some of the most famous songs of this formation that was born in 1993 and since then has achieved numerous successes both inside and outside of their country.

In video games, the group of people who meet to play online is known as a clan and who share different alternatives of these games, facing other clans.