What does Clarity Stand for?

From the Latin clarĭtas, clarity is the quality of clear (clean, bathed in light, well distinguished, evident, manifest). The concept can refer to the effect that light produces when it illuminates a space. For example: “I like this house: there is a lot of light in the rooms”, “We have to improve the lighting in this room, more light is needed to work comfortably”, “Winter came and the moments of clarity began to fade. as the days got shorter and shorter ”.

It should also be stressed that clarity is the good reputation that one has in a society or in a specific place about a specific person. She has achieved it thanks to her personality and the actions she has carried out in her life.

Clarity is also the distinction with which, through the senses, a person perceives sensations or ideas: “I did not understand clearly what you wanted to say to me”, “When entering the house, it seemed to you to perceive a familiar aroma, although not could clearly detect “, ” The writer spoke with stunning clarity on a highly complex issue “.

In this sense, it should not be forgotten that, in a habitual way, an expression is used that uses the term clarity and that is frequent within the colloquial sphere. This is what is known as meridian clarity. With it, what he tries to express is that the idea or manifestation that is being addressed is perfectly understood.

An example of this meaning would be the following sentence: “The teacher explained point by point the arguments of the topic with crystal clear clarity. That meant that all the students understood it perfectly ”.

A clear expression is one that is easy to understand and intelligible. It can be linked both to the tone of voice and pronunciation, as well as to the way of organizing thoughts to make them known to others: “As his mouth was swollen from the blow, the boy could not express himself clearly”, “I prefer to think what I am going to say in order to express myself clearly ”, “ A teacher must be able to transmit knowledge clearly ”.

In the same way, the existence of what is known as the clarity index must also be emphasized. This is a term that is used in the scientific field to refer to the relationship that exists between what would be the solar radiation on a horizontal surface that is outside the atmosphere in one year and the radiation on a surface with similar characteristics but found on Earth.

In the field of astronomy, this term is used the most, which we have mentioned, which, therefore, is used to carry out what is the measurement of the transparency of the atmosphere.

Finally, “Claridad” was the name chosen for various publications throughout history and in different countries, such as a Spanish newspaper, a Puerto Rican weekly, a Chilean magazine and an Argentine editorial.