What does Clear Stand for?

From the Latin clarus, the term clear has several uses related to luminosity, both in a physical and symbolic sense. Of course, for example, it is what can be easily differentiated, it is easy to understand and it is unquestionable: “It is clear that the theft was committed by Laura”), “For the president, it is clear that some businessmen want a change of government », « I think I was clear, but I don’t think they understood me ».

What is clean and transparent is also clear: “The lake is so clear that it is possible to see the fish”, “Reaching a white sand beach and clear sea is the dream of any traveler.

Said of a color, the adjective clear refers to the fact that it does not have too much dye load: “The jacket is light green. In this case, a difference in hue is marked between the traditional green color and the light green.

In this meaning, we have to establish that the concept of light as color is used both in the field of fashion to refer to the tones of specific garments and in hairdressing. Thus, it can be said that a woman has dyed her hair light brown.

Clear is also the sound that is perceived with purity (“He spoke with a clear and firm voice”) and the space that, inside a forest, does not present trees (“We can pitch the tent in that clearing”).

Regarding the climate or meteorology, a clear sky is one that does not present cloudiness or imminent probability of a storm.

The space that exists between certain things (like crops) and the pause in the middle of a speech can also be mentioned as clear.

In addition to all the above, it should also be noted that there are a series of terms that are used very frequently and that use the word clear as a fundamental part of them. This would be the case, for example, of “moonlight” which is an expression that defines that brief moment of a very dark night in which the aforementioned moon can be seen in all its fullness and clearly.

In the same way, the verbal locution, of colloquial use, “to have something clear” is used regularly. With it, what is tried to express is that a person has no doubts about a specific issue, they are sure of what they think and what they do about it.

Closely related to that expression we also find the adverbial phrase “so clear”. This is a way of showing that someone has manifested or is going to manifest something in particular in a direct way, without having to resort to any kind of detours. An example of the use of this phrase is the following: “Doctor, tell me clearly what illness I have.”

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