What does Construction Stand for?

From the Latin constructĭo, construction is the action and effect of building. This verb refers to building, manufacturing or developing a work of engineering or architecture. For example: “The construction of the new theater is well advanced”, “The collapse was caused by failures in the construction process”, “The architect Jacobacci announced the construction of a 30-story building facing the river.

The concept of construction is also used to name the built work and the art of building : “On the left we can see an 18th century building that functioned as a general store”, “My father is dedicated to construction”, ” The tornado destroyed several buildings in the town ”, “ I love the colonial buildings, with their windows and arcades ”.

Nor can we ignore the fact that so-called construction games are frequent and common. These are games for the little ones that are made up of endless pieces of different shapes, colors and sizes that allow them to create all kinds of buildings, figures or objects. Among the most famous is the now traditional Mecano.

It should be emphasized that it is recommended to give this type of entertainment possibilities to children, aged between 1 and 6 years old, because thanks to it they manage to learn colors and shapes, improve their coordination, develop their motor skills and expand their qualities in matter of dexterity.

Balance, symmetry, motor and intellectual development, creativity or resistance are other values ​​that are considered to be improved and developed by any minor who has fun with this type of construction game.

Currently there is much talk about what has been called sustainable construction. As its name indicates, it is about the setting up of buildings of different types and the creation of cities, in general, betting on materials and processes that cause the least possible impact and damage to the environment.

In this way, what is sought is not only to protect and take care of the natural environment but also to make the citizen enjoy a higher quality of life. Specifically, it is about raising buildings that make the least energy expenditure and that offer the greatest possible comforts for the person.

The idea of ​​construction, on the other hand, is used in a symbolic sense to refer to everything that, in some way, is built or produced. It is not a physical building (with cement, bricks, etc.), but it can be linked to an assembly that is not tangible or material. If a politician comments that he is working on “the construction of a new electoral front that represents the interests of the workers,” he is referring to the fact that he seeks to create an alliance between political parties and not that he will build a building.

In a similar sense, the expression “We all have to commit ourselves to building a different country” can be related to joint work in solidarity to improve a nation, not to the fact of declaring the existence of a new State.