What does Disclosure Article Stand for?

An article of dissemination is a text written by specialists on a subject in order to disseminate knowledge to the general public.

Outreach articles are characterized by being a text that exposes and explains facts, concepts, ideas or discoveries about an area or discipline using a clear, synthetic and common language to the non-specialized public.

Outreach articles can cover several areas: scientific, literary, philosophical or technological, and can be published in books, magazines, newspapers and in their digital versions via the Internet.

Structure of the disclosure article

Outreach articles have, in general, the following structure or parts:

  • Title: must be short, clear and striking.
  • Introduction: it is the presentation of the topic to be treated. It answers the question of why the study or subject to be treated is important and exposes some of the existing background.
  • Development: it is the content of the article and must explain in an orderly and clear way the topic that you want to spread. You should answer the questions that people, who have no knowledge about the subject, problem or situation, would ask.
  • Conclusion: the most important information on the subject is summarized here and the purpose of disseminating such knowledge is enhanced.
  • Bibliography, reference and data: at the end of the article you must present the sources consulted so that you have the scientific rigor of knowledge.